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The Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM) Workshop at the 36th Annual International Maintenance Conference (IMC 2022)

The Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM) Workshop at the 36th Annual International Maintenance Conference (IMC 2022)

In an increasingly competitive world, professional certifications are very important in all professions, because they are a guarantee of quality, high levels of knowledge and competence to perform tasks that directly affect the success of business projects. Within Reliability Engineering, the Certified Maintenance Management guarantees professionals and organizations the best performance in Industrial Reliability and Asset Management, and allows professionals to apply all the tools and knowledge acquired in the workshops prior to the exam.

As the's slogan for this workshop expresses, WE CREATE MAINTENANCE LEADERS WHO ARE ALSO MAINTENANCE MANAGERS, this workshop will last four days and participants will be able to learn different maintenance and asset management techniques and strategies and update their knowledge. Afterwards, participants can take the CMM exam to become certified, which is optional and available for an additional fee.

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Reliability, in the words of Terrence O'Hanlon, CEO & Publisher of and who chairs IMC 2022, "is what makes it possible to create a future that otherwise wasn't going to happen." It is the direct influence in redirecting the course of entire organizations or careers that, according to the natural course, would be heading towards dissolution, obsolescence and entropy; completely changing these outcomes through Asset Management. One such tool is the CMM Workshop. The course is comprised of 18 modules, aligned with the skills necessary to become a Certified Maintenance Manager and be able to meet your organization's objectives, with all the tools to become reliability leaders and help you achieve CMM certification.

In addition to the competitive advantages that the Certified Maintenance Manager program provides, the knowledge acquired in the workshop represents an added value for engineers and organizations, because from what is learned, ongoing maintenance programs are enriched, modified and strengthened. On the other hand, can you think of a more stimulating, vibrant, and interconnected environment than IMC 2022 to hold this workshop? This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with asset management professionals, meet the brightest scientists and enjoy the technological advances that make reliability a complex, comprehensive and absolutely necessary science.

Participants will also be able to enjoy the excellent “after 5” activities that IMC 2022 has in store. Come to Marco Island and discover all that and the global asset management community have in store for you!



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