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Seek Thermal Announces Its First Affordable Professional Grade Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 20, 2016 -- Seek Thermal™ announced today the company's first line of high performance, affordable, infrared thermal imaging cameras for experts and contractors in industrial and commercial building trades. Available soon, the Seek CompactPRO weighs less than 0.5 ounces and plugs directly into an iOS or Android smartphone device for instant connect-and-detect convenience. The CompactPRO is the first thermal imaging camera built for a smartphone to ever feature 76,800 measurement pixels, a thermal sensor array of 320x240, and an unprecedented price point under $500. The CompactPRO is also an innovative game-changer in helping to make thermal imaging technology more easily affordable and available to professionals working in building, electrical, mechanical fields and more.

"Seek Thermal was founded by 35-year industry veterans in the infrared thermal imaging space who believed that the world hugely benefits by making this technology available to all," said Tracy Benson, CMO/VP of Global Marketing for Seek Thermal. "The industrial and commercial segment has always been an important focus for our company. High performance thermal imaging tools used to be expensive, difficult to carry, and primarily used by few people in large industrial facilities. It is one of the most important sensing technologies that can prevent costly damages, increase productivity, and help avoid dangerous situations in hundreds of applications. If we can make it more affordable to find problems faster and easier with high performance imaging quality in portable size devices, we are succeeding at our mission. Our aim is to fit everyone's budget and put smart tools into the hands of more people who can really use it."


The Seek PRO Series is the first low-cost thermal imaging series to hit the market and break the cost barriers for its total capabilities. This provides new users in the commercial building trades and industrial segment the smart toolset they need to identify and locate the problem quickly, saving time on the job. The CompactPRO accurately measures object temperature between the broad range of -40°F to 626°F, with sensitivity levels <70mK, and contains an adjustable focal lens. The CompactPRO also easily stores and transfers all radiometric data into a file format for documenting, cataloging, and post-capture analysis of infrared data.


  • Measuring 1 x 1.75 x 1" for pocket-size portability and convenient on-demand thermal imaging
  • 320x240 thermal imaging sensor reading 76,800 pixels of measurement data
  • <70mk sensitivity
  • Maximum FastFrame image frequency rate >15 (dependent on the user's smartphone capability)
  • Adjustable lens with a minimum focus distance of 15 cm
  • Object temperature measurement range of -40°F to 626°F
  • Wide 32° field of view to let pros see and detect subtle temperature differences common in building applications
  • Low power consumption, averaging >4 hour battery operating time
  • Save, send, share, and store photos and videos through the smartphone storage and media capabilities

Seek's newly enhanced free mobile App software, available for download in all iTunes and Google Play stores, now features an entirely new human-centered user design that maximizes the power of the smartphone processor and adds feature-sets engineered for the needs of the commercial and industrial end user. Select new key software features include:

  • Thermal Level and Span - Easily set and lock a temperature range to display the maximum thermal information of any object or scene with a set point and range.
  • Emissivity Control - Calibrate for emissivity through pre-defined settings made easy. With its new emissivity and thermal background adjustments, users will be able to compensate for various surface materials, ensuring accurate readings and reporting, regardless of surface type.
  • Radiometric File Format – Stores 76,800 pixels of thermal measurements from ---40°F to 626°F data for post-analysis and documentation.
  • New Image Color Palettes – Enhanced palette options are available to Seek device owners. From low-contrast to high, gray scale to vibrant color, Seek provides the visual capabilities necessary to help users easily examine and understand thermal imagery across applications during and post inspection.
  • Full Frame Thermography – Choose from 4:3 or 16:9 formats displaying all temperature data for the maximum clarity and options responsive to your device format and size.
  • Complete with Seven User Modes including: Spot temperature, High / Low temperature, Level and Span, Above Threshold, Below Threshold, Equal Threshold, Thermal+ Visible.


The Seek CompactPRO sells for an MSRP of $499.00 USD and will be available through authorized distribution channels in all North American and EMEA markets.

For more information, visit

About Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal engineers, designs and manufacturers high quality thermal imaging products and core platforms for consumer, commercial, and heat sensing IoT data applications. With headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, the global hub of thermal imaging innovation, the company has developed breakthrough thermal imaging camera cores that will enable a range of affordable products for use at home, work and play. For more information visit and follow #seekthermal on Instagram and @seekthermal on Twitter.

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