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Des-Case Corporation

Des-Case Corporation


A leading provider of contamination control products and services for industrial lubricants, Des-Case helps customers improve lubricant quality, maximize equipment uptime and reliability, reduce costs and achieve optimum performance.

Des-Case desiccant breathers incorporate moisture adsorbent and high capture-efficiency filters to protect equipment headspace from the dirt and water particles that can significantly damage equipment.

Many basic lubrication problems can be found just by simple visual inspections, referred to as visual oil analysis (VOA). Des-Case carries a full line of visual oil analysis products allowing quick and easy inspections of oil level, oil quality and whether water is present.

Fluid cleanliness is vital to ensuring lubricant quality and optimal reliability in your equipment and plant; Des-Case filtration systems can be a key step for dry, clean, pure lubrication.

Led by lubrication experts with decades of in-plant and in-field experience, Des-Case Reliability Services offers both consulting services to evaluate and address lubrication issues and training classes -- even ICML certification options -- to help companies implement a best-in-class lubrication maintenance program.

Please call (615) 672-8800 or visit to learn more about how Des-Case can help you transform your lubrication program.

Des-Case Corporation
675 N. Main Street