About Us

About Us

Reliabilityweb.com Mission: To discover and deliver effective approaches to making asset managers, reliability leaders and maintenance professionals safer and more successful

Reliabilityweb.com Vision:To be the first resource one thinks of when one thinks of reliability and asset performance

Reliabilityweb.com Values:Integrity, authenticity, being at cause (responsibility), taking A stand for reliability, and working for an aim that is bigger than one’s self

How: Create a vibrant network of publications, events and a community of practice based on The Uptime Elements – A Reliability Framework for Asset Performance

The Reliabilityweb.com website is focused on information delivery of Articles, Videos, Audio Podcasts, Case Studies, iPresentation tutorials, Web Workshops, benchmark data, Tips, and how-to information for maintenance reliability leaders and asset management professionals.

Information is delivered online through the Reliabilityweb.com network of web sites, Uptime® Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine for reliability and asset management, and a series of maintenance conferences including IMC- The International Maintenance Conference and The RELIABILITY Conference.

Most recently - the new Reliability Leadership Institute, a 10,000 sq ft state of the art conference center has been opened in Fort Myers to facilitate focuses learning and networking events focused on Uptime Elements and the Certified Reliability Leader Workshops and Exam.

In addition, we support launched the Association of Asset Management to provide guidance and navigation for maintenance reliability leaders and their role in asset management and managing systems such as ISO55001.

Our research and work development activities include:

  • In-depth interviews with maintenance reliability leaders and asset management professionals. We conduct hundreds interviews per year.
  • Surveys of our online and email newsletter readership, 55,000 maintenance reliability leaders and asset management professionals. We survey portions of our readership on what’s working, and share Executive Summaries of results with the entire community, roughly every quarter.
  • Surveys of third party lists and communities—ranging from quality to manufacturing professionals—conducted routinely throughout the year in partnership with other media companies, marketing vendors, and research firms.
  • Collection and analysis of “best of” research data published by other research firms, labs, and service providers to the maintenance reliability and asset management fields. We’re constantly reviewing hundreds of research reports and white papers for data that might prove useful.

Reliabilityweb.com offers Management Consulting and Advisory Services on a laser-focused basis for clients interested in advancing Reliability and Asset Management by using Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System.

A vibrant ecosystem of Reliability Partners form a delivery network of solution providers, subject matter experts, consultants, and technology experts who share the same language and framework, and can collaborate and guide you on your journey to advance Reliability and Asset Management..

Our slogan “The Culture of Reliability” refers to a shift in the context of reliability as a way of being and acting rather than a series of events or actions.

Our special “Reliability RoadmapTM” series delivers possible ways forward to guide you as you make your tough journey. Our goal is to make great maintenance results a bit easier by handing you research on ‘what works.’

We’re currently celebrating our 16th anniversary. Our offices are located in Fort Myers Florida on the Southwestern Gulf Coast, a tropical setting 2 hours south of Tampa and 2 hours west of Miami.

Subscribers & Visitors: Give us your suggestions please

Do you have a suggestion to improve our site or other services? Or, perhaps an idea for something new you think we should be doing? We’re here to serve your information needs, and we can only do that well if you tell us what they are.

PR People: How to get coverage for your clients through us

Feel free to email your press releases to crm@reliabilityweb.com

This is our syndicated news feed dedicated to maintenance and reliability products and services currently supply dozens of maintenance focused sites with fresh daily headlines.

However, be aware that we are *not* a news organization but rather a publisher of Case Studies, benchmark data and how-to best practices.

Presenting at a Reliabilityweb.com Conference or Event

Limited conference speaking opportunities also are also available if:

  • Results of the maintenance or reliability project can be disclosed
  • A practitioner can present or co-present
  • The presentation is new and has not been delivered in other venues
  • The presentation will not be delivered in other venues for at least 12 months after it is presented at a Reliabilityweb.com venue
  • A written paper and power point can be supplied for distribution to attendees

Employment Advertisers: How to place an employment ad

Reliabilityweb.com offers free job postings for maintenance and reliability positions worldwide at our job resources site ReliabilityResumes.com. Please use the handy online form to submit your listing:


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