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Supporting Uptime Elements with Asset Performance Software Solutions

Every challenge has a digital component.

Bentley has been a long-time technology partner of ReliabilityWeb, supporting the Uptime Elements and its digital workflows within a connected data environment. AssetWise helps you gain insights into your data to make timely and accurate decisions.

Deliver whole life asset value with a Digital Twin

Always know what, where and why – AssetWise manages asset information across the entire asset lifecycle to deliver continuously updated digital twins supported by visual analytics, geospatial location, a connected environment, and the reliability program right for the asset within its operating context.

Reliability Engineering

Intelligently plan and implement asset performance and reliability strategies. AssetWise assesses risk and supports multiple methodologies, including, RCD, RCM, FMEA, FMECA, RCA, RBI, and SIS/SIL. Manage a complete, living and sustainable program and ensure continuous improvement with a closed loop process.

Asset Condition Management

No matter if you have old assets monitored via human senses or new smart sensored assets, you will always need a system to manage all of your data and help you make fast and accurate decisions. Working within a connected data environment,

AssetWise consolidates and analyzes condition data from all sources and displays the results in one centralized asset health dashboard so you can visualize the overall health of your assets. Machine learning and advanced analytics help you to discover otherwise hard to see patterns and trends in asset health and solve specific business problems.

Ensure assets are safe, reliable and efficient over their operating life. With AssetWise you will ensure predictable production at the lowest possible cost.

Work Execution Management

AssetWise delivers a proactive front-end asset performance management process for your EAM/CMMS system. Supporting preventive, predictive, and failure finding tasks, AssetWise provides a mobile inspection platform that ensures consistency between inspectors. Harness your reliability and performance data and manage by exception, so you only work on assets that are a priority. Track, trend, and trigger the right work at the right time in your EAM or CMMS system or use the fully-featured and reliability-focused EAM/CMMS capabilities within AssetWise.

Leadership for Reliability

As a reliability leader, you need to help to gain buy-in at all levels of your organization. Bentley can help you to develop the business case to secure executive sponsorship, and assess your digital maturity as well as your reliability and asset management process maturity. In addition, ensure people understand roles and responsibilities by mapping to process and establishing training and adherence measures.

Asset Management

To ensure sustainable success, process and communication must be a priority. AssetWise KPIs and dashboards help to enforce proactivity and discipline to a proactive process like no other software can! In addition, AssetWise uniquely manages asset information across the entire asset lifecycle. By capturing and storing asset knowledge, AssetWise allows you to make smarter decisions to enhance whole life value and continuously improve your reliability and asset management program.

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