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Book Review: CMMS Explained Made Simple Series


When I purchased the book and started reading it, I realized all the steps Dave had guided us through regarding our CMMS decisions were all contained in his book. At first, I wondered if we were the test platform or research mechanism for his book.

As I continued reading the book, I realized it contained all the things we as an organization missed when we initially implemented our CMMS. I quickly came to the conclusion that we weren't a test platform for research after all; rather we were not informed of the critical items that had to be defined, documented and implemented when we initially established our system.

CMMS Explained is an easy-to-read book that quickly gets to the point, gives workable examples, and is written from the maintenance perspective rather than the software perspective. Taking one of the quotes from the book, "after all, it is a "Maintenance Management" system and should contain maintenance."

For those that are in the process of implementing a system, I encourage you to read and follow the CMMS Implementation Sequence of Events; it works. For those that are unsure of what these systems are all about, the "Dissecting a Typical System" section does a great job explaining each area of a system and the minimum requirements to gain maximum potential.

Our organization is in the final stages of identifying and implementing a new system. Multiple copies of this book were purchased for the "team" to ensure all were informed and the system gets implemented with maintenance in mind. I only wish this kind of information was available years ago when we initially implemented our CMMS System.

This is a must-read for anyone that plans on implementing a CMMS, currently has one now and wants to maximize the system's potential, or wants to help educate others on what this maintenance tool can provide. Thanks for sharing the knowledge, Dave.

CMMS Explained - Made Simple Series (ISBN 9780985361914) can be purchased at

authorReviewer: Larry Carver began his career with Occidental Chemical Corporation, White Springs Phosphate Mining Operations in 1974. He's been employed at this facility for 37 years. His vast mechanical maintenance experiences include all assets of both chemical and mining facilities. Larry is currently the Manufacturing Reliability Facilitator for Potash Corp White Springs to drive and educate the initiative across the site.

authorAuthor: Dave Bertolini is a Managing Principal with People and Processes, Inc. He has over 30 years experience in improvement initiatives. He is recognized as an industry expert in the implementation and utilization of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).

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