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Creating an Effective Asset Management Delivery Model

Grahame Fogel, Jacques Stander and Dean Griffin

Grahame Fogel is the founder of Gaussian Engineering and a partner in Discursive. He is an experienced international consultant in the field of asset management. He is a recognized subject matter expert in the fields of strategic asset management, reliability engineering, condition monitoring and change management within asset intensive industries.,

Jacques Stander is an asset management consultant at Gaussian Engineering, with a strong aptitude in data and information. He has experience in power and utilities and often works in the integrating financial management and asset management environments in an effort to create a single truth within organizations.

Dean Griffin is a thought leader in the area of asset management and contributes significantly in understanding the business effects of asset management. He is Chairman of the South Africa Mirror Committee for TC251 and has contributed significantly to the ISO55000 standard. Dean is a Director of Gaussian Engineering and a partner within Discursive. http://www.gauseng.com

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