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How to read Uptime Magazine’s digital issue

Uptime Magazine is viewed on the web using the Nxtbook viewer. The Nxtbook viewer allows you to zoom, switch page views, print, and much more.  Here's a brief explaination of the various options you have

Fig 1

Toolbar 1 (located at the top left of the Nxtbook viewer)

Zoom - Zoom in/out and adjust zoom level from 70-400%

Magnify - Open the adjustible magnifier to drag across the page.

Navigation - Turn the page forward or back and adjust page effects.

Fig 2

Toolbar 2  (located at the top right of the Nxtbook viewer)

Page-View - Switch the Nxtbook page mode

Save - Save this Nxtbook offline

Search - Search the Nxtbook for specific content

Help - Click for further help

Full Screen - Launch/exit fullscreen mode

Fig 3

Toolbar 3 (located on the middle/right side of the Nxtbook viewer)

Bookmarks - Create/manage bookmarks for the Nxtbook

E-Mail - Send a link of this nxtbook to a friend

Print - Print some or all of the Nxtbook

Notes - Create/manage notes for this nxtbook

Link - Share this link via Facebook, Twitter, etc

Fig 4

Toolbar 4 (located at the bottom of the Nxtbook viewer)

Subscribe - Subscription information for the Nxtbook

Contents - Interactive table of contents

Pages - Dynamic thumbnails of this nxtbook

Archives - Displays other Uptime Magazine issues

We hope that this short tutorial will help you to better enjoy Uptime Magazine on the web!