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Business Benefits

  1. Using IBM Maximo for Oil & Gas enabled Pieridae to implement an integrated asset management system and single source of truth for Operations
  2. A cloud-based solution has enabled Pieridae to free up its internal IT team and to focus on its core LNG business.
  3. Implementation of asset health monitoring with associated efficiency and reduction of man hours out in the field

Pieridae Energy is Canada’s only independent, publicly-traded LNG company, focused on developing the multi-billion Goldboro LNG Project and export facility off Canada’s East Coast, supplied with Canadian natural gas that the company owns.


Prior to the project, Pieridae Energy's existing system was not able to manage nor meet all of their operations and maintenance processes. The opportunity was identified by the business to improve its operations through the introduction of a more comprehensive end-to-end Operation Management System.


Following an analysis of software solutions and potential partners, IBM Maximo® Asset Management was selected as the system of choice and Pieridae partnered with IBM Platinum Business Partner BPD Zenith to deliver MaxiCloud – a cloud-based solution that enables Pieridae to focus on its business while BPD take care of all its enterprise asset management needs.

“The BPD Maximo for Oil and Gas Accelerator Template was key to achieving a rapid implementation of IBM Maximo by providing a solid foundation and best practice for the enhancement of Pieridae processes.”

– Carolyn Normand, VP of Operations

Industry Ready

The implementation was based on BPD Zenith’s Maximo Accelerator for Oil and Gas Template - with a focus on Work and Asset Management, Operator Logs, Bypass Management, Incidents Management, Management of Change and Supply Chain to suit Pieridae’s industry requirements.

Phase 1 of the project, Work and Asset Management, has been implemented in just over 3 months. This was achieved by close working between BPD Consultants and Key Business Users engaged in a rapid, agile deployment including the extract, refreshing and uploading of existing data. Because of the close involvement of Maintenance Analysts, Planners and Schedulers, the maintenance team have a system that they designed and works for them.

The Project

The same methodology is being used to deploy the rest of the required modules in Phases 2 and 3. “We have made so many improvements in our data transparency and workflow management, it’s been great to see. I’m really looking forward to see the HSE and Procurement modules take shape too!” said Carolyn Normand, VP of Operations at Pieridae.


BPD’s LoveYourAsset creates a connected data platform between critical assets and work management systems or other applications to provide real-time asset condition management and asset health monitoring.

Pieridae Energy, like many other oil and gas organizations, already had eyes-on its critical production assets through an advanced real-time system which is managed by the Operations Teams. The deployment of Operator Logs (to ABSA standards) and the management of Bypasses in Maximo provides Pieridae with all the pertinent information the Operators need during their shifts. LoveYourAsset has enabled Asset Supervisors to get a longer-term look at critical assets like Compressors by bringing its data together under one roof. Maximo is already used to generate PM Work Orders when Compressors hit their specific run hour point.

With LoveYourAsset, Pieridae receives a real-time graphical view of where the run hours are for specific Assets that they wish to monitor. This is Visualization and Automation working together, informing Operations of when the next services are due. With meaningful information like this to hand, Field Technicians can be prepared and alerted to either repair or replace critical Compressors. This provides Pieridae with better visibility of upcoming work and removes unnecessary man hours.

“BPD’s innovative LoveYourAsset solution has enabled us to monitor the health of our critical compressors in a simple dashboard - with alerts and reporting to any deviation in asset condition.”

– Carolyn Normand, VP of Operations

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