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Audit Forms for Predictive Maintenance Program Assessment

Contents include audit forms for assessing the following elements of a PdM Program:

  • Overall Program (OP)
  • Vibration Analysis (including Spike Energy & Shock Pulse Analysis) (VA) Technology
  • Infra Red Thermography &Temperature (IRT) Analysis
  • Lubricant, Hydraulic Fluid & Wear Particle (LWP) Analysis
  • Motor Current/Power Analysis (MCA/MPA)
  • Electrical Insulation Testing (EIT)
  • Transformer Predictive Analysis (TPA)
  • Electrical Circuit Analysis (ECrA)
  • Ultrasonic Analysis (Passive - for Leaks & Other Applications - UA)
  • Breakaway & Coast-down Analysis (BCA)
  • Filtration & Debris Analysis (FDA)

Make assessment of elements of a PdM Program using applicable audit forms included in this appendix for scoring, adding explanatory comments or recommendations as appropriate under questions that are applicable. Assign an assessment category using the
rating criteria table below for each PdM program element audited.

Download the PdM Assessment Worksheets (PDF)

Jack Nicholas Jr.

Jack R.Nicholas, P.E., CMRP, CRL, CAPT USNR (Ret.), became an internationally experienced and recognized author, workshop leader, advisor and consultant on reliability and maintenance, asset management and related subjects since retiring after 35 years from U.S. government service in 1988. He holds a certificate in Asset Management from the Institute of Asset Management in the United Kingdom.

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