COMPANY: GenesisSolutions, An ABS Group Company / Biogen Idec



The philosophy of improving the performance of critical assets is common knowledge when it comes to asset management. However, many organizations fail to fully understand the methodology behind formally ranking an asset as critical. It is very easy to deem the assets that are causing the most problems over a window of recent performance as critical as we often operate in a "what have you done for me lately" mentality.

Through proper development of an Asset Criticality Ranking model, Reliability Engineering concepts can be applied to determine at what level each asset should be managed based on criticality. This is why Asset Criticality Ranking is a key component to achieving Enterprise Asset Management as it is the primary mechanism needed to prioritize improvement activities when time and resource availability are often limited.

This prioritization should be applied to Continuous Improvement efforts such as PM Optimization and Capital Investments as well as to the daily management of the CMMS Workflow Process to set priority for Planning and Scheduling.


  • Evaluates how asset failures impact organizational performance
  • Provides detailed profile of characteristics that makes each asset critical
  • Allows for systematic ranking of assets for prioritization efforts

ARC Tool

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Asset Condition Management

Rotalign Ultra iS


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TYPE OF PRODUCT: Laser Alignment System


Precision Alignment is a key component of a successful Asset Condition Management program. ROTALIGN ULTRA is the world's leading laser platform for precision measurement applications from shaft alignment to bore centerline alignment, as well as continuous monitoring of positional change in machinery from thermal growth and other causes. In addition, flatness and straightness measurement of machine foundations and bases is possible in-situ, even through obstructions to line-of-sight and elevation changes.

With ROTALIGN ULTRA iS, shaft alignment is achieved in 3 easy steps: 1) Enter machine dimensions, 2) Sweep shafts less than a quarter turn from any starting position and 3) Obtain results for coupling alignment and foot positions graphically and to scale. A Soft Foot Wizard helps to measure, diagnose and correct Soft Foot conditions which can lead to harmful wear and tear from pipe strain, machine stress and frame distortion.

Aligning rotating machinery to correct tolerances and true targets is critical. ROTALIGN ULTRA has built-in Tolerances as well as Thermal Growth and Target Specification calculations. Vibration Overall Values can also be checked to determine pre- and post-alignment conditions.

Alignment data can be stored in the ROTALIGN ULTRA and printed as a full color PDF report, including graphical alignment results, Soft Foot measurements, target specs, thermal growth values, and much more.


  • Precision alignment reduces bearing, seal, shaft and coupling failures.
  • Reduced vibration means lower temperatures and related machinery failures.
  • Increased asset availability, improved efficiency and lower costs = greater profits. 

Rotalign Ultra iS

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Planning OptimizerTM (ePOp)

COMPANY: Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc.

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Simplifying and optimizing maintenance planning in order to maximize production, minimize risk, and increase compliance is the offering of Planning Optimizers. Through revolutionary work visualization, a streamlined work pack building process, and an incredibly robust yet efficient Job Library, planning time is drastically reduced, which greatly increases the quality of job plans and equipment availability.

Also built into Planning Optimizers are continuous improvement initiatives, digital communication and feedback stored directly with the work pack so revisions and improvements can be made before the job becomes a part of the Job Library. Similar jobs in the library are searched, retrieved, and copied with as few as two clicks in Planning Optimizers; asset hierarchy trees and file storage trees are no longer necessary.


  • Increase productivity and compliance while minimizing risk 
  • Increase equipment availability, asset integrity, and maintenance opportunities 
  • Efficiently store, locate, and reuse job plan libraries

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Leadership for Reliability

Maintenance and Reliability for Managers - 4 Part Series

COMPANY: People and Processes Inc

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Take the Journey and Transform

Four separate sessions around the Uptime ElementsTM framework where students and instructors partner to understand the journey toward the Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices. "Mountains of knowledge to take back and apply" said one attendee. "Real-life examples and networking opportunities" responded another. Our Maintenance and Reliability for Managers course is instructor led and attendees are coached to max out their potential in transforming their culture toward best in class leaders. Each of the 4 separate 3 day sessions are separated with 2-3 month intervals intentionally to allow attendees to return and apply what they have learned. In each session, collaborative sharing sessions encourage networking and knowledge transfer.

Some organizations host series privately and educate all site management to drive culture transformation on returning to the site. Knowing education is key, other organizations start one or two people every six months.


  • Learn what are and how to implement the Best Practices
  • Knowledge in 29 focus areas across 4 key domains driving excellence
  • Build a culture of defect elimination through Reliability Leadership

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Leadership for Reliability

Managed Ultrasound

COMPANY: SDT Ultrasound Solutions

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TYPE OF PRODUCT: Service, Training, Software


Managed Ultrasound is a partnership forged to share the responsibility of program implementation equally. The burden of success should not rest solely on the shoulders of our clients. We help plan, implement, and maintain their ultrasound program for life. Together we create a strategy for success mapped to their outcomes.

SDT has created a road map to a World Class Ultrasound Program. It is a journey with three milestones. Your guide is an SDT assigned Customer Success Representative. The CSR assumes an ownership role in the deployment and ongoing maintenance of your ultrasound project.

With SDT's Managed Ultrasound approach no CAPEX is required. SDT shares the front-end burden of start up by providing all the hardware, sensors, software, training, and mentorship you need. Program costs are spread out over low, all-inclusive monthly fees pulled from your OPEX budget.


  • 100% Guaranteed successful implementation
  • No CAPEX required
  • No product obsolescence

SDT A Roadmap for World Class Ultransound

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