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Mike Barkle and Ron Moore

Mike Barkle, CMRP, has been a Reliability Engineer with Infralogix since April 2016. He worked 36 years for AlliedSignal/Honeywell, where he contributed to the reliability program at the Chesterfield, VA, site that was recognized as CSI’s first “Program of the Year” award winner in 1990.

Ron Moore is the Managing Partner for The RM Group, Inc., in Knoxville, TN. He is the author of Making Common Sense Common Practice – Models for Operational Excellence, 4th edition; What Tool? When? A Management Guide for Selecting the Right Improvement Tools, 2nd edition; and Where Do We Start Our Improvement Program?, all from MRO-Zone.com, and of Our Transplant Journey: A Caregiver’s Story and Business Fables & Foibles, both from Amazon.com, as well as over 60 journal articles.