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Uptime Elements Crossword Puzzle February - March 2017

Uptime® ElementsTM Crossword Puzzle

by Ramesh Gulati

February - March 2017

crossword puzzle


  1. A continuous improvement cycle consisting of plan-do-check-act is known as. (6,5)
  2. Using an item in a way that applies stresses that are below the recommended stress values (8)
  3. A structured, pre-prepared form for collecting, recording and analyzing data as work progresses. (9)
  4. Any resource (asset/system) whose capacity is less than the demand placed on it, or which controls the maximum rate of production of resources ahead or behind in the process stream. (10)
  5. A comparison of a measurement of a system of unverified accuracy to a measurement of a system of known accuracy to detect any variation from true value (11)
  6. A piece of information, in raw or unorganized form, used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, calculations, further processing and communication. (4)
  7. A process by which equipment, or a facility is tested to verify that it functions in accordance with its design objectives or specifications. (13)
  8. A phenomena that occurs when the absolute pressure in a pump intake line is reduced below the vapor pressure of the liquid. (10)


  1. A method that allows an organization to determine the actual cost associated with each product/component, process, or service produced based on actual resources consumed (8,5,7)
  2. All work waiting to be done. (7)
  3. An iterative process used to optimize preventive maintenance (PM) intervals. (3,11)
  4. Trustworthy, something you can depend upon. (10)
  5. A Japanese word for Output Optimization. (7)
  6. Adjusting the distribution of mass in a rotating element to reduce vibratory forces generated by imbalance. (9)
  7. Any foreign or unwanted substance that can have a negative effect on system operation, or reliability. (11)
  8. A Japanese workplace organization technique to reduce wastage of resources and space while increasing operational efficiency (1,1)

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