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Solutions Awards: Technology at the Service of Reliability

Solutions Awards: Technology at the Service of Reliability

Continuing the agenda of activities that set the pace at the IMC 37th Conference, on December 6, the Solutions Awards were presented, with which the international maintenance community rewards and recognizes organizations that have applied the best solutions to strengthen their asset management. This conference, organized by, is the place where the best exponents of the reliability culture, the best managed companies that use the Uptime® Elements™ as a framework to achieve their business objectives, commercial, operability and safety for people, facilities and equipment without impacting the environment, gather every year. This major international event was held at the JW Marriot Hotel in Marco Island, Florida.

As in previous editions, this 37th IMC is a transcendental event for the international community of reliability and industrial maintenance, by connecting people, knowledge, technology and the experience of maintenance professionals who attend this event, creating a direct learning opportunity that includes workshops, keynotes, rap-talks, speeches, certifications and the possibility of meeting and sharing with the most influential figures in asset management worldwide.

IMC's mission is to create opportunities to "promote safety, sustainability and success in the workplace aligned with the organization's goals and objectives", so the participation of the most prominent figures in reliability is a great attraction for all participants.

Likewise, the Solutions Awards is an excellent opportunity to appreciate how the application and use of emerging technologies can drive the reliability culture and move companies closer to their goals faster and safer. Winners of these awards have great benefits, such as positive exposure and promotion of their organizations and products, company promotion (which will appear on the conference website and social media), and of course the very act of receiving the award at this ceremony that deploys the IMC means a positive boost to the brand and the professionals behind that win. "Everything we do is ultimately aimed at getting as many organizations and professionals around the world on board as possible, with the culture of reliability and asset management, because it's how we envision a safer and better world, with greater opportunities for everyone, and where everyone fits in. Betting on reliability is betting on that safe and bright future, full of possibilities that we all want, and that is why we deploy all these efforts, through workshops, Summits, Reliability Leadership Experiences, and our international conferences MAXIMOWorld and International Maintenance Conference, where we also present the awards that recognize the best companies and the best reliability practices and solutions" - explained Terrence O'Hanlon, CEO & Publisher of and who presided over the Solutions Awards ceremony. He was accompanied by Maura Abad, Global Relationships Leader of the organization and Dave Reiber, CRL trainer and speaker for

Solution Award winners: the best choices to better manage assets

Asset management is a vast field of science, applications and knowledge, and it is constantly evolving. The vital interrelationship and exchange between reliability players around the world make up the knowledge network that distinguishes Within this knowledge and advancements, applications, software, and Artificial Intelligence solutions used to improve reliability are highly valued and booming in a hyper-connected world where data means value and profit. The companies and organizations that have made the best use of these solutions aimed at optimizing asset management and maintenance management received well-deserved recognition at this 37th IMC.

Best Digital Transformation for Asset Management: Hexagon EAM was the winner in this category. With a presence in more than 50 countries and a workforce of approximately 24,000 employees, this organization is a world leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensors, software and autonomous technologies to leverage data from this interconnectivity to increase efficiency, productivity and safety when managing assets, products, services or facilities. Industrial sectors, factories or utilities benefit greatly from Hexagon EAM's offerings, as they enable the extraction and use of greater value from data, in a highly productive yet perfectly sustainable approach. Hexagon is also known for its commitment to green technology, in order to care for the planet and create a more sustainable, brighter and more sustainable future industry. In terms of asset management, HxGN EAM is specialized software that provides full visibility into asset performance, resulting in longer life cycles and greater value delivery, operability and safety.

Best Sustainability Solution: NanoPrecise is a prestigious company that offers automated, AI-based maintenance solutions with an early failure detection approach to prevent serious damage, production downtime or other losses. NanoPrecise specializes in maintenance solutions that combine AI-driven continuous monitoring, IoT, advanced sensors and prescriptive diagnostics; it offers scalable technology for asset condition monitoring, cutting-edge technology for asset life prediction and a whole portfolio of automated solutions to support digital transformation.

Best Asset Condition Management Solution: I-Care specializes in machine monitoring as part of its prescriptive maintenance services, and offers a series of products, Wi-care, that provide high-performance wireless support "for continuous monitoring, temperature and vibration systems." The data it collects is combined with its cloud-based analytics platform, I-see, and this allows them to offer their customers what they call Maintenance Solutions 4.0. It is a working methodology where they collect data on the operation and status of equipment through connected devices and other data sources, and once processed they provide analysis and alerts in real time, using advanced technology such as Big Data processing and machine learning, reducing maintenance costs by 25% - 35%.

Best IoT Solution: Schaeffler is the organization awarded by the qualifying jury as the one that has implemented the best reliability solution applying Internet of Things. IoT is a decisive aspect in new approaches to asset management, as interconnectivity, data, data analysis and end-to-end solutions are triggers for productivity, profitability and safety, these being the major objectives of the reliability culture. Schaffer has been creating inventions to innovate and offer solutions in the field of automotive technology for more than 75 years. This group develops technologies for different propulsion concepts, "and offers technically and economically sophisticated solutions for the diverse requirements of the automotive industry". The world is moving forward, and the means of locomotion and transportation are becoming more and more sophisticated, in an environment that needs to be increasingly sustainable, so Schaeffer is committed to solutions for both fuel-powered and hybrid vehicles, creating precision products that make engines consume less fuel and minimize environmental emissions.

Best Lubrication Solution: UE Systems Inc. received the award as Best Lubrication Solution, being a company with a strong commitment to reliability, both internally and with its customers. UE System has a large number of maintenance leaders and 100 locations worldwide. Among other things, they create products for remote monitoring and lubrication, which allows equipment health to be preserved for longer. This equipment monitors friction in real time, sends an alert when bearings require attention, and provides the exact amount of lubrication at the exact time the asset requires it.

Best Reliability Engineering for Maintenance Solution: Asset Analytix specializes in "achieving analytics-driven reliability improvements" by offering optimized software, processes and technology training. All of this enables total control of asset lifecycle management. Reliability Engineering for Maintenance's core objective is to increase the uptime and availability of systems and equipment by reducing failures or downtime. Maintenance engineers deal with the day-to-day maintenance of assets, but it is the reliability approach that provides solutions with a long-term vision. Asset Analytix has within its commercial offering solutions for asset analysis, EAM reporting and analysis, CMMS and PM optimization, and much more.

Best Safety Solution: SEAM Group was the winner of the Best Safety Solution category, as it is a company specialized in solutions for the safe operation of assets. SEAM Group developed safety strategies for both quick wins and long-term programs to manage safety, sustainability, reliability and maintenance. They service around 1 million energized assets per year for hundreds of clients worldwide in industries such as oil and gas, retail and hospitality, insurance and risk, water and power utilities, and electric vehicles.

Best Leadership for Reliability Solution: R.AI The Reliability Chatbot, the friendly chatbot on the website, received this distinction for being the reliability chatbot that offers to "help you on your journey to a safe, sustainable and successful workplace". RAI's data training began in March 2023, and will continue to receive training on a regular basis. It is an excellent tool for investigating all issues inherent in asset management and maintenance, a fast and user-friendly solution for obtaining accurate and reliable information in record time.

After the presentation of these awards, the program scheduled for December 6 continued, with the rap-Talks and forums by experts, in addition to being able to enjoy the technology exhibition that this conference holds every year.

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