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TRIRIGAWORLD AWARDS honors excellence in space optimization and facility management, A event to further advance asset management

August 10 - Austin, Texas

Hosted at MaximoWorld, co-located with Asset Performance Management 2022 Digital Asset Performance Summit, TRIRIGAWORLD AWARDS recognizes the best work in asset management for buildings and workspaces, creating interconnected experiences that improve safety and quality of life.

TRIRIGAWORLD AWARDS winners were announced today at an emotional ceremony during the MaximoWorld co-located with APM event, which has attracted hundreds of asset management professionals and investors. TRIRIGAWORLD, IBM®'s extraordinary suite for effectively managing buildings using Artificial Intelligence data, has revolutionized the way workspaces are approached, offering dynamic planning thanks to information received in real time, allowing for reduced facility costs, supporting sustainability and administrative efficiency. This year, five major organizations were honored for their extraordinary efforts to improve and optimize workspaces and their functions, offering better experiences to users and workers by making use of this innovative technology, which provides solutions for buildings and facilities in order to obtain safe, healthy and interconnected workspaces.

The TRIRIGAWORLD AWARD 2022 winners are:

-Best Short Journey: University of Minnesota

-Best Long Term Journey (5+ Years): Mc Donald's

-Best Technical Innovation with client partner: JLL, Advanced Space Planning Application (ASPA)

-Best Integration to 3rd Party Systems: Amazon & E-BUSINESS STRATEGIES

-Best Facilities Operations Program with IBM® TRIRIGA®: Federal Bureau of Investigation,

Terrence O'Hanlon, CEO of® & Uptime Magazine® highlighted the importance of "innovation and interconnectivity in asset management and maintenance management". The TRIRIGA suite highlights "the weight of Artificial Intelligence in building management, people safety and environmental impact reduction, thanks to space planning and operational efficiency", at a time when millions of people around the world are expected to return to their workspaces. "We are proud to present these awards, these are truly brilliant organizations in their performance and track record, and it is very satisfying to have them with us today, in the midst of this event that brings together the brightest minds and the most committed spirits to operational excellence and care for people and the environment," he said.

The excellent experience of MAXIMOWORLD and TRIRIGAWORLD, events, allow professionals and users to network, share knowledge, receive guidance and support from specialists in the field to get answers to asset management problems, learn about the latest innovations in the market, participate in conferences with experts from around the world and be part of a vibrant community of constant learning. These awards represent the efforts of thousands of people focused on excellence and quality of processes and services, demonstrating how asset management and Industry 4.0 have positively impacted the development of spaces and the interactivity within them, bringing value to their respective organizations.


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