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Uptime Award Winners 2023: Recognizes the Best Organizations and Professionals in Asset Management

Uptime Award Winners 2023: Recognizes the Best Organizations and Professionals in Asset Management

In a brilliant event that brought together the best exponents of asset management worldwide, presented the Uptime Award 2023, which recognizes the best practices of different companies around the world. The awards ceremony took place during the IMC-2023: The 37th International Maintenance Conference, held at the JW MARRIOTT Marco Island Beach Resort, Florida, between December 4 and 7.

The award ceremony was held on December 5. This event brings together organizations that are on a reliability journey and have achieved high operational, economic and sustainability goals, and recognizes commitment and progress in this area. Reliability, as a science and as a culture, is the most expeditious path to achieving the productivity, safety, profitability and competitiveness that all companies desire. The Uptime Awards represent an opportunity for external evaluation and comparison, demonstrate the business aspects of sustainable programs and expose the best reliability solutions to the community and the qualified press, contribute to enriching the body of knowledge for effective asset management from which thousands of professionals around the world benefit, and generate internal and external recognition, among other benefits.

The participants of the International Conference Maintenance 2023 were also able to enjoy brilliant presentations and lectures, an excellent technology fair with the most advanced in the maintenance and asset management industry, courses and certifications, and the possibility of meeting and talking with scientists and investors who create the greatest advances and the best solutions to take care of assets, people and the environment, all this under the guidance of, the world's leading asset and reliability management organization, trusted by all companies and enterprises that want to keep growing and apply a policy of continuous improvement.

Terrence O'Hanlon, CEO & Publisher of, presided over the Uptime Awards 2023 ceremony. "Once again we are very proud to present these awards, which represent the tremendous commitment of professionals, investors and organizations to advance performance optimization, thus creating a safer world for all. They are part of this incredible ecosystem of reliability that we have created together, where people, leadership, data, processes and technology are in sync. We are at a point where technology is a great ally of reliability, and we want everyone to be part of that, that all organizations join this culture of reliability taking advantage of Industry 4.0, as well as the more than 40 years of experience we have in maintenance and asset management" -referred O'Hanlon.

As Master Ceremony and hosts of the event were Maura Abad, Global Relationships Leader of, and Dave Reiber, reliability expert and CRL trainer for this organization. All the activities developed at IMC 2023 were aimed at providing a complete training and integration experience to asset management, both for those starting on the reliability journey and for large organizations that have already achieved the stability and development that reliability offers through the Uptime® Elements™ framework, created by Terrence O'Hanlon more than a decade ago, and which has enabled thousands of companies around the world to embrace excellence.

Uptime Award 2023 Winners

The Uptime Awards 2023 at this 37th International Maintenance Conference were presented in several categories. The open submission process began in February, and the winners were notified in June of this year. The Uptime Awards recognize these efforts, rewarding companies whose performance highlights the importance and scope of the Uptime® Elements™ framework.

Best Reliability Engineering for Maintenance: In this category, the winning company was Reliance Industries Ltd. Reliance Industries Limited is India's largest private sector corporation. Headquartered in Mumbai, it is included in the Fortune 500 and started as a textile company. It now has a prominent performance in the energy, materials, retail, entertainment and digital services sectors. They base their growth on innovation, with a broad business vision and a strong social commitment, as part of their mission as a company is to apply the advantages of Industry 4.0 for the comprehensive development of India.

Best Asset Condition Management: Arizona Public Services, APS, the largest and oldest electric utility in the state of Arizona, was the winner in the Best Asset Condition Management category. APS provides electricity to nearly 1.2 million customers in 11 of the state's 15 counties, and throughout this time has worked to satisfy its customers, gain operational excellence and deliver value to its shareholders. Business integrity is very important to APS. The organization upholds values crucial to industrial reliability, such as accountability, safety, integrity and trust, and is focused on creating a sustainable energy future for Arizona.

Best Work Execution Management: This award was presented to Central Arizona Project, CAP, the largest water supply project in the United States. CAP provides water service from the Colorado River to Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties, serving nearly 6 million people, representing more than 80% of the state's population. CAP has created a complex and efficient 336-mile-long system of dams, aqueducts, tunnels, pumping plants and pipelines that transports water from Lake Havasu to its terminus on the San Xavier Indian Reservation southwest of Tucson, supplying cities, large agricultural areas and Indian reservations in the region. This massive piece of industrial engineering represents more than $100 billion annually in economic benefits to Arizona, they have relied on the Uptime® Elements™ Framework to achieve their goals and have worked committedly on their culture of reliability and asset management.

Best Leadership for Reliability: Global real estate giant, JLL, was named by the judging panel as winner in this category. JLL is a global real estate services company founded in the United Kingdom. It currently operates in 750 cities in 80 countries, serving the real estate needs of landlords, tenants and investors locally, regionally and globally. JLL focuses on creating sustainable real estate solutions for its clients around the world, using the most advanced technologies to optimally manage their assets and get the best return from them.

Best Special Recognition Competency Based Learning Program: One of the most important aspects in the reliability and asset management culture is the training of human talent and Competency-Based Learning, as it allows developing reliability leaders, training people to take advantage of technical advantages, aligning behaviors with the organization's objectives and strategies, or hiring the best available personnel. United Utilities was the winner in this category. This company is located in the Northwest of England, and provides water and wastewater services to some seven million people, supplying 3 million homes and 200,000 commercial premises. They collect and store water, which they then treat and supply to their customers, also managing reservoirs, pipelines, sewers, aqueducts and treatment plants, wastewater collection and surface water, which they treat and return to the environment. Its disciplined asset management policy has enabled it to achieve high levels of profitability, excellence and operability, which has been recognized with this award. Likewise, the organization invests significant resources in the education and preparation of its human talent, giving special importance to certifications such as CRL (Certified Reliability Leadership) and has been a constant and committed participant in the workshops, conferences and forums held by, focused on continuing to learn and improve.

Best Reliability - Sustainability Program: Salem and Beverly Water Supply Board was the recipient of this award due to its long and excellent track record of supplying water since the 19th century in Massachusetts by drawing and treating water from Lake Wenham. It built its first treatment plant in 1935, which was rebuilt in 78 to its current configuration of 24 MGD (potentially expandable to 32 million gallons per day). It is an organization committed to providing quality service, bringing safe and potable water to its customers, so they have been engaged for decades in a process of continuous improvement regarding the modernization of their facilities and water treatment process.

Best Digitalization for Reliability and Asset Management Program: Skookum, a specialist in digital consulting, expertise development and software development, received the award in the category of Best Digitalization Program from the reliability approach. Skookum is a global consultancy for strategic design and development of digital products, which helps companies solve problems that may arise during the life cycle of a product, offering digital advisory services to get the best value from data, making this information profitable and allowing its customers to achieve optimal business performance. Other services such as Digital Literacy Accelerator or strategies to solve a company's technical debt are also part of Skookum's offering, whose contributions have allowed many organizations to accelerate their growth through the digitization of processes from the asset management approach.

Best Overall Program: Saudi Aramco Berri Gas Plant, the oil company of the United Arab Emirates, received this award due to its strong commitment to quality and safety in all its operations. This holding company began exploiting crude oil in 1938, and maintains its production of low-cost, low-carbon crude oil. Currently they are also focusing on research "to convert crude oil directly into chemicals or hydrogen as a possible energy source of choice for the future". Sustainability is of paramount importance to this organization, which takes into consideration the social and environmental aspects affecting the business and incorporates them into its business strategy, seeking a balance between profitability, environmental protection and the well-being of the communities near its operational areas. Issues such as climate change are on the agenda of Aramco, which is committed to the energy transition and aims to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions in its operated assets by 2050.




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