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What is Reliability?

What is Reliability? Excellent Closing Keynote by Terrence O'Hanlon Maximoworld 2019. Reliability Leadership

Making the Business Case for New Maintenance and Reliability Technology Investments

Caught up in the throes of day-to-day existence, the difficult place to be is in the lap of another after-action root-cause failure analysis, a budget review meeting or shutdown/turnaround when your organization is trying to make step-function gains and improvements in maintenance and reliability performance.

Selling Reliability? ROI and ROC

I’ve been stressing for years that if you want to secure funding for a reliability program, you must be able to fluently speak in finance.

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How to Choose the Right Reliability Program for You

What is the “right” reliability program for you and your company? Which of the many different reliability programs out there is the right one?

We are AFG Maintenance and We Deliver the Meats - Maintenance Excellence Achieving Throughput & Safe

In this presentation, we will focus on impacting plant performance by helping maintenance respond faster (alerts, mobile delivery) and respond better (existence and quality of standard job plans, use of checklists and compulsory failure codes).

Attracting, Developing and Retaining Diverse Candidates in Reliability and Maintenance Leadership

The business case for diversity and inclusion and insight on how companies can attract, develop, and retain women and minority candidates in a field where this can be very challenging.

I Need Reliability, but How Do I Talk to My Senior Leaders?

Not managing your assets to deliver true reliability? How do you get started and get Senior Leaders engaged in the effort?

Getting Started on Your Reliability and Asset Management Journey

A reliability program is a continuous journey filled with challenges, successes, and occasional failures that require perseverance and a willingness to experiment. This presentation will summarize Central San’s efforts in reliability and asset management.

0-75 MPH: Fast-Tracking a Solid Foundation for the Journey to World Class

Salem and Beverly Water Supply Board embarked on a mission to set baseline tactics that would set the foundation to aid in reaching their world-class vision: “Be a world-class water utility driven by teamwork and operational excellence.”

The Revamped Reliability Journey at 3M

Sustainability is at the core of what we do at 3M. We are committed to improving our business, our planet and every life.

Modern Mentoring

In this keynote presentation from Randy Emelo, author of Modern Mentoring, you will explore how mentoring relationships allow workers to harness three important qualities for learning in today's world: flexibility, personalization, and collaboration.

Reliability Saves It All

Safety, quality, and productivity are bound together by one common thread — Reliability.

Understanding the Five Monkey's Experiment

Understanding the Five Monkey's Experiment

In a famous experiment a group of scientists placed 5 monkeys in a cage and in the middle, a ladder with bananas on the top.

Why Is Positive Influence (PI) Leadership So Important?

In this session, we discuss the characteristics and behavioral traits of leaders who are a positive influence on the people they work within an organization.

Achieving Operational Performance Through Maintenance And Reliability

While most asset management and reliability efforts focus on reliability for the sake of the asset, this little gem focuses on bridging the gap between maintenance and operations.

Badass Leadership

An absence of teamwork can make the possible feel impossible! Let’s be candid, the people-parts of leadership can be challenging for many who are in leadership positions.

Beyond Performance 2.0

The pace and complexity of change is greater today than it has ever been and remains critical to manage the organizational change with the same rigor as technical change.

The Journey to Success with Asset Management

The journey to success with asset management and your Maximo implementation requires leadership along with a lot of hard work on the part of many.