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A Resounding Success: The 36th International Maintenance Conference (IMC) 2022

A Resounding Success: The 36th International Maintenance Conference (IMC) 2022

The International Maintenance Conference (IMC), co-located with the RELIABILITY 4.0 Digital Transformation Conference, was held from December 5-8. This conference is managed by The event was a great success. The world's best run companies were present at one of the most important and globally recognized events in Industrial Reliability and Asset Management, with the attendance of thousands of professionals, scientists, investors, and industry specialists.

During IMC 2022, the Sustainability in Reliability Consortium launched the first tool that will allow an alignment between the United Nations Objective Sustainable Development Goal's and the Uptime Elements Domains and Elements. This is the result of long research and development work carried out by the Sustainability Consortium, which shared and presented the first of three tools they are still working on to help maintenance professionals worldwide to communicate their respective organizations' alignment efforts and results with the United Nations SDG's, as explained by Steven Sloane, Business Advisor, Consortium & Research Leader at the Reliability Leadership Foundation.

Reliability and asset management are present in all these objectives, which involve infrastructure, services, products, good use of resources, financial factors, care for people and environmental safety. These tools will make it possible not only to align the objectives of each organization with those of the United Nations, but also to have a global vision of how we all have an impact on the lives of others, on the world and on the future.

Another centerpiece of the event was the launch of the 2nd Edition of the Uptime Elements Implementation Guide with the addition of the Uptime Element Internet of Things (IoT) Digitalization section. The Uptime® Elements™ were created by Terrence O'Hanlon, and are an excellent framework for asset management applicable to any organization. To facilitate its implementation and use, a group of brilliant professionals have developed a guide that, in this second edition, provides a detailed compendium of how to use this framework, including the addition of a chapter on IoT, digitalization, and Industry 4.0 aspects within Asset Management.

The launch was led by Digitalization Consortium, constituting one of the highlights of IMC 2022. "The Consortium is pleased to unveil the new chapter on the IoT domain of Uptime Elements in the 2nd edition of the Uptime Elements Implementation Guide to create a focal point for the best ideas and new business models leveraging Digital Transformation within the context of Reliability and Asset Management and identify the best opportunities to accelerate results" -explained Brendon Russ, LCAM Implementation Director and Engineering Services, Americas, for JLL Work Dynamics.

During IMC 2022, the Uptime Awards were presented, where the efforts and best practices of the most efficient and safe companies were recognized, such as Saudi Aramco Berri GAS Plant (Best Reliability Engineering for Maintenance Program), Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (Best Work Execution Management Program), United Utilities (Best Leadership for Reliability Program), Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department (Best Asset Management Program), Medtronic (Best Overall Program).

The Solutions Awards 2022 were also presented to Boston Dynamics as Best Asset Condition Management, Interpro solutions as Best Work Execution Management for EZMaxVendor, EZMaxPlanner; Hendrix Precision received an award in the Best Defect Elimination category, and in the Best OPEX category the winner was Reliability X.

All these awards celebrate the success, business and environmental safety, and the sustained efforts over time of all these organizations to make the world a better place. The agenda of activities included conferences, workshops, lectures, networking and important launches, amidst a warm atmosphere to share and exchange experiences, learning and further advance of the development of asset management sciences, driving and supporting companies in their reliability journey.



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