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Adrian Messer, CMRP Joins SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Adrian Messer, CMRP Joins SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Cobourg, Ontario, October 23, 2023 - SDT Ultrasound Solutions is excited to welcome one of the more respected individuals in the reliability space to their fast-growing North American team. Adrian’s two-plus decades of experience in the maintenance and reliability field will prove an immediate asset to the company. In his role as U.S. Operations Manager, Messer will lead - - and grow - - a team of seasonedcondition monitoring professionals.Adrian has proven himself as a trusted resource and advisor to numerous industrial manufacturingplants and facilities around the USA. In his customer-facing role Adrian will manage relationships withSDT’s key accounts, ensuring that our promise to empower their reliability journey is upheld.

“Throughout my career, I have demonstrated an unwaveringcommitment to enhancing operational efficiency through theimplementation of cutting-edge maintenance and reliability bestpractices. My passion for optimizing processes has driven me tocontinuously seek out innovative solutions that drive productivity,reduce downtime, and elevate overall performance,” - Adrian Messer, CMRP

We are excited to have Adrian join our team. He is a dynamic, well-respected professional, with a passion that is aligned with our core values. Serving on the board of directors of the Society of Maintenance& Reliability Professionals (SMRP), Adrian demonstrates his unselfishspirit for volunteering time. His impact is already felt within our smallcompany.” – Allan Rienstra, CRL, Director of Business Development, SDT.

SDT Ultrasound Solutions is a globally respected manufacturer of ultrasound solutions with operations inthree continents and a sales channel spanning 75 countries. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, SDT’sNorth American office supports global sales outside Europe. Offices in Belgium and Italy address theneeds of European customers, and the Kolkata office looks after India and parts of the Middle East.

SDT empowers its customers to achieve their operational objectives by helping them advance thereliability of their assets. Their unique solutions transform ultrasonic information into meaningfulwarnings that prevent unexpected asset failures, reduce energy, improve product quality, whilesupporting safety and building culture.

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