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Cenosco and MaxGrip announce new partnership that empowers industry leaders to optimize their asset integrity management

Cenosco and MaxGrip announce new partnership that empowers industry leaders to optimize their asset integrity management

The Hague, February 1st 2024 - Cenosco, the leading provider of asset integrity management software, and MaxGrip, an internationally renowned consultancy firm specializing in Asset Performance Management (APM), are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership. This alliance, which builds upon a well-established relationship, is set to significantly enhance client capabilities in Asset Integrity Management, enabling them to realize their full potential.

The partnership brings together two powerful companies. Cenosco's IMS Suite, their asset integrity management software, has been developed on over twenty years of industry experience in collaboration with renowned Oil and Gas leader, Shell. This will be combined with MaxGrip's twenty-five years of experience in APM, change management, and integrity management advisory and deployment services. By bridging their expertise in software and consultancy, Cenosco and MaxGrip enhance their capabilities to optimize their clients’ journeys and ensure continuous success.

"MaxGrip consultants have deep domain knowledge and years of experience in working with Cenosco’s IMS Suite. They have done many projects in which they have deployed the software and used it to carry out RBI and RCM studies with proven results. I am excited about our partnership as together we will be able to realize maximum value for more clients.” - Mark Mulder, CEO of MaxGrip.

"With this strategic alliance, IMS users can leverage MaxGrip’s extensive industry knowledge and experience working with the IMS Suite.” - Omar Rugebani, Partner and Alliance Director of Cenosco.

Through this collaboration, industry leaders working with the IMS Suite for their asset integrity management, have the option of accessing strategic insights and experienced change managers to optimize their asset performance. With proven results of over 2 million USD in yearly savings from one client, this partnership can make a significant positive impact on the bottom line. It reflects Cenosco’s and MaxGrip’s joint commitment to providing comprehensive, technology-driven solutions with which organizations can get the most out of their assets and have them perform at maximum potential.

About Cenosco and the IMS Suite

Cenosco is the leading provider of Asset Integrity Management (AIM) software. Companies operating in asset-heavy industries are all prone to equipment failure, unplanned shutdowns, deferred production, as well as many major health and safety hazards. These dangerous and costly incidents arise due to inefficient asset integrity management. Their solutions safeguard integrity, reliability, and instrumentation safety in asset-intensive industries. With IMS, you can calculate optimal intervention periods and layout efficient maintenance strategies.

About MaxGrip

MaxGrip is a consultancy firm specialized in Asset Performance Management. Our consultants are valued around the globe for their deep domain expertise combined with the capability to realize change. We help market leaders in industries like Manufacturing, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Oil & Gas and Water improve their asset performance. MaxGrip was founded in 1997 and operates globally with main offices in the Netherlands (Utrecht), USA (Houston) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).

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