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Fluke reliability launches next-generation smart field balancing tool

Fluke reliability launches next-generation smart field balancing tool

Fluke Reliability, which empowers reliability and maintenance teams with the hardware, software, and services they need to optimize asset performance, unveiled the new VibXpert 3 Balancer today, a next-generation smart field balancing tool from Pruftechnik. This state-of-the-art device can diagnose and correct rotational unbalance in the field or on the floor, solving a leading cause of failure in rotating assets like fans, pumps, and motor-driven tools.

Unbalance often goes unnoticed by maintenance teams, especially under harsh or extreme conditions. Today, balancing tools are typically only available through custom, costly upgrades to already pricey handheld vibration analyzers. The VibXpert 3 Balancer is purpose-built to combat unbalance. As a precision smart device, it is user-friendly, intuitive, and built to withstand the toughest environments. Even non-experts can use the VibXpert 3 Balancer to identify and correct unbalance swiftly and efficiently.

"The VibXpert 3 Balancer is a game-changer for both experts and expertise-constrained teams, letting them easily identify and correct unbalance issues, enhancing productivity, increasing uptime, and reducing maintenance costs," said Fluke Reliability Product Manager Charly Achter.

Unlike the current generation tools on the market, the VibXpert 3 Balancer is equipped with six synchronous channels, so it can record multi-channel vibration measurements simultaneously. This lets users quickly take measurements from multiple angles, compare them to historical data, and identify the root cause of the unbalance directly at the source. As a result, it’s one of the fastest and most accurate solutions available.

Its large interactive touchscreen display guides workers through every step of the process. Teams can view measurement data on one convenient dashboard, receive step-by-step guidance on rectifying the unbalance, and measure again until the issue is thoroughly resolved.

The VibXpert 3 Balancer brings cutting-edge diagnostic power to technicians’ fingertips and can detect subtle changes in vibration levels that indicate unbalance, long before it becomes visible to the naked eye. The device can perform resonance tests, phase measurements, and deeper analysis using the FFT spectrum data to diagnose complex unbalance issues.

Detecting unbalance issues early prevents them from developing into costly, hazardous problems. The result is increased uptime, improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs. The interactive interface functions like a tablet, making it accessible to today’s workforce. Its robust and durable design withstands extreme temperatures, moisture, and dust, making it suitable for fieldwork.

"The VibXpert 3 Balancer is a pivotal addition to our portfolio, seamlessly enhancing our rich history of vibration monitoring products to further our mission of providing state-of-the-art solutions for asset reliability and maintenance,” said Fluke Reliability Chief Technology Officer, Aaron Merkin.

Fluke Reliability's new VibXpert 3 Balancer represents the convergence of precision, speed, and accessibility. This tool is intuitive to use and robust enough to operate in any environment. It equips teams with the cutting-edge technology they need to keep rotating assets running smoothly and enables greater uptime, lower maintenance costs, and increased productivity.

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About Fluke Reliability

Fluke Reliability, an operating company of the Fluke Corporation, offers reliability and maintenance teams the tools, software, and services they need to optimize asset performance. Home to powerful, iconic brands – PRUFTECHNIK, and eMaint – Fluke Reliability serves more than 70,000 technicians worldwide with a relentless dedication to quality, innovation, and service. Fluke Reliability informs customers on the health of their assets with software and services that drive better maintenance decisions – improving productivity, driving uptime, and reducing costs. For more information on Fluke Reliability's eMaint CMMS, visit

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