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Virtualitics' Maintenance Decision Intelligence AI Application Transforms Enterprise Asset Management

Virtualitics' Maintenance Decision Intelligence AI Application Transforms Enterprise Asset Management

PASADENA, Calif., June 18, 2024 -- Virtualitics, a leader in AI decision intelligence, today introduced its latest AI-powered application, Maintenance Decision Intelligence (MDI). Designed to transform maintenance operations for asset-intensive industries, MDI drives significant improvements in efficiency, reliability, and decision-making.

Virtualitics AI-driven Decision Intelligence applications are built with Explainable AI (XAI) at their core to ensure that answers provided by the platform can be trusted and empower users to get even more competitive advantage out of their data. MDI delivers AI-powered intelligence and recommendations to guide enterprise maintenance organizations to proactively respond to anticipated failures, improve asset availability, and enhance overall operational efficiency. MDI enables organizations to identify failure points and determine the best corrective actions, significantly reducing unplanned downtime and giving teams unparalleled efficiency and insight.

Developed for the US Department of Defense, the application is a proven solution ready to deliver impact in commercial enterprises. Virtualitics' technology includes multiple U.S. Patents, and the MDI application has already been field-proven capable of analyzing over a decade of historical data and millions of records.

"Our MDI application revolutionizes asset and supply chain management by providing proactive maintenance operations recommendations," said Michael Amori, CEO and co-founder of Virtualitics. "We are setting a new standard for making AI both powerful and explainable, so organizations can ensure asset uptime and confidently accelerate impactful decisions."

MDI integrates asset management and resource planning data sources to inform users when planned or open maintenance jobs cannot be scheduled or executed due to missing resources. This AI-driven approach enables organizations to optimize supply chain and maintenance demands while meeting evolving customer needs.

MDI also benefits from Virtualitics' latest platform feature, Pathfinder, an innovative AI-powered tool designed to simplify data analysis for new or less experienced users. Pathfinder democratizes advanced analytics for maintenance operations use cases by reducing the amount of input required and presenting actionable insights that empower users to confidently make maintenance decisions. By integrating advanced AI routines and Explainable AI capabilities, Pathfinder guides users through key analysis paths—Segmentation, Key Drivers, and Outliers—enabling them to unlock the full potential of their data with minimal effort.

These easy-to-use tools empower maintenance teams to predict asset failure and optimize resource allocation, which can improve the efficiency of scheduling processes by more than 30% while ensuring maximum asset uptime and operational success. Virtualitics is committed to enhancing the usability and impact of its AI solutions. The MDI application and Pathfinder functionality exemplify this commitment by making advanced analytics accessible to all users, regardless of their technical expertise.

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Virtualitics, a leader in AI decision intelligence, transforms enterprise and government decision-making. Our AI-powered platform applications, built on a decade of Caltech research, enhance data analysis with interactive, intuitive, and visually engaging AI tools. We transform data into impact with AI-powered intelligence, delivering the insights that help everyone get to impact faster. Trusted by governments and enterprises, Virtualitics makes AI accessible, actionable, and transparent for analysts, data scientists, and leaders alike, driving significant business results. For more information, visit

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