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Your journey starts at the Virtual Reliability Leadership Development Summit

ReliabilityTalk Coffee Break -Achieving Peak Performance

ReliabilityTalk Coffee Break -Achieving Peak Performance

With Justin Thomas From Aveva. Watch this pre-recorded session about transforming your asset performance management culture to F1 – agile, efficient and data driven.
Discussion Points:
The world has changed pretty dramatically over the last 2 years. Discover how has this impacted industrial companies and their attention to asset performance

Why this topic important (i.e., value of a good asset strategy and execution)

How to speak to stakeholders along the journey

What you are ultimately trying to achieve

How to get started…different people have different starting points

What about the people - What is the role of the worker in all of this and is the job changing

What’s more important: A reliable plant or one that is the most efficient

What makes AVV so compelling right now.

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August 5 - 8, 2024
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