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A Holistic Approach to Condition Monitoring

A Holistic Approach to Condition Monitoring

IMC Presentation (45:32)

By Pascal Bellerose, Cascades Canada ULC and Alain Pellegrino, Industrial Reliability Solutions Laurentide Controls

Cascades is an organization of more than 70 plants in the pulp and paper industry. Before implementing a holistic condition monitoring program, every plant had different condition monitoring equipment.

There was a lot of unplanned downtime on critical assets at many mills. There was no standard approach to improve the reliability of the plants, and everyone was doing the best they could but not achieving consistent results.

It was hard to measure the effectiveness of the condition monitoring program at the different sites. The condition monitoring program is essential to move from a reactive maintenance organization to a proactive maintenance organization.

During this presentation, we will share what motivated Cascades Corporation to implement a Center of Excellence for Reliability and a holistic condition monitoring program across all 70+ plants. We will share how the program was developed, and implemented and the benefits that a corporate program implementation provided to the organization, impacting the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) at each plant.

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