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Modern Asset Condition Monitoring

Modern Asset Condition Monitoring

Drew Mackley - Speaker

Director of Sales Enablement

Emerson’s Reliability Solutions

We have all heard “do more with less resources” for years now in regards to condition monitoring programs. With the retirement boom that we are experiencing with vibration analysts and technicians leaving the workforce, we are starting to see the “less resources” part of that statement come true. COVID social distancing and work from home or remote work has also added to the challenge. So how do we get the “do more” part of the statement to become true as well?

Thankfully, there have been a number of technology advancements that are available to assist in getting more done with less resources. One of these technology advancements has been the automation of data collection. The automation of data collection not only reduces the time and labor required to acquire the data, but it also can increase the frequency intervals between data collections, provide wider equipment coverage, reduce personnel exposure to hazardous areas, and facilitate remote working environments. There are a number of ways to automate data collection, but two seem to be increasing in adoption and those are wireless sensors and wired edge analytic devices.

By incorporating the affordable automated technology enhancements and prescriptive and edge analytics into a balanced plant wide asset monitoring strategy and the inevitable reduction of available skilled labor, we really can “do more with less resources” for effectively managing an asset reliability program.

R417 IMC 2021 • Reliability 4.0 Session

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