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Connect Your Workforce With a Digital Thread Infused with AI andIncrease Overall Equipment Effectivenes

Terrence O' Hanlon,
Justin Thomas AVEVA

Advanced capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics require trusted and reliable information. Similarly, the need to increase the speed of operation’s decisions rises. By operationalizing and scaling AI, you transform your industrial data into predictive and prescriptive asset strategies that reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance costs, ensure workforce safety, and build sustainable operations. Optimize it further and leverage process analytics like predictive quality, predictive throughput, and predictive energy efficiency to drive your sustainable growth.

With end-to-end visibility into operational processes and assets, autonomous digital twins, and AI-driven insights, you have the performance intelligence you need to achieve optimal results in any situation. Maximize asset performance, accelerate your response to supply chain disruptions, and optimize your planning and production decisions.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Digitalization: How to enable a connected workforce with a digital thread using cloud.
  • Solid APM: How to minimize downtime, reduce waste, optimize throughput and implement energy efficiency.
  • Use Cases: What does complete visibility of your operations and asset performance look like.
  • The role of advanced process control inefficient execution.
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