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Solving the Industrial Digital Divide with the Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem

MaximoWorld Presentation 31:49 Minutes

by Alan Johnston, MIMOSA

Proprietary approaches to industrial digital transformation are routinely failing to deliver the business benefits that are being sought and this is particularly true for solutions attempting to address full asset lifecycle. Most industrial software suppliers now use cloud and SaaS-oriented solutions including various digital twins, while larger suppliers are marketing competing digital ecosystems. Meanwhile, other industry participants must still integrate with many different applications, systems, and ecosystems as they work with their industry partners in asset intensive industries and critical infrastructure.

The Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem (OIIE) and ISO 18101 solves this problem with a supplier-neutral industrial digital ecosystem specification federating more proprietary industrial digital ecosystems for repeatable, scalable, secure, and sustainable solutions spanning the asset lifecycle.


  • Industrial digital transformation Initiatives are often failing to deliver promised business value
  • The Industrial Digital Divide is a barrier to industry digital transformation that is particularly pronounced in asset lifecycle management
  • The Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem helps close the divide using a federated, supplier neutral industrial digital ecosystem specification
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