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Digital Transformation for Maintenance and Operations

Digital Transformation for Maintenance and Operations

IMC RAP Talks Presentation

by Jeff Kinard, Prometheus Group

Now more than ever, businesses recognize the need for digital transformation to optimize their agility, responsiveness, and scalability.

Jeff Kinard, Senior VP of Professional Services at Prometheus Group, discusses the practical questions those in Maintenance and Operations must consider for themselves and for their teams before embarking on a digital transformation and the essentials to build integration between planning, execution, safety, and master data.


  1. Learn what digital transformation is and why it is vital for your business.
  2. Learn the questions your maintenance and operations team need to address prior to undertaking a digital transformation.
  3. Learn the essentials of integration between your various asset management activities.

Reliability and Asset Performance (RAP) Talks are 18 minute TED-like talks designed to replace outdated concepts with new ideas that you can put to use immediately.