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Increase Supply Chain Reliability with Punchout Catalog Shopping and Procurement Portal

Increase Supply Chain Reliability with Punchout Catalog Shopping and Procurement Portal

MaximoWorld Presentation (23:24)

Timothy Adams, Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. and Mike Popovic, P2Insight

Organizations are continuously increasing reliance/dependency on third parties and specialists. Your reliability, productivity, and performance are directly affected by the reliability of these third parties and by your processes in working with them. You become more reliable, effective, and productive by making the Supply Chain more reliable.

How do you enable a reliable Supply Chain? Work with reliable Suppliers! Procurement must survey, rank, arrange contracts, and manage with reliable suppliers.•If a supplier is not reliable, find an alternative and “fire” them. Having effective and efficient Supply Chain procedures and systems•You need effective and efficient processes to work and manage suppliers and their activities. When such services were executed in-house, most companies had integrated systems and/or proximity to interact with each other.

Punchout Shopping from Maximo•What is it? For vendors who have online catalogs: With a click of a button, get taken to a Vendor’s online catalog•Add items to the Shopping Cart (just like when you shop on Amazon)•When done, check out. This brings the shopping cart back to Maximo, with all the details directly from the Vendor’s catalog. No rekeying in, copy and paste, screenshots, and most importantly, no mistakes.•Accurate, current, reliable data... Real Information!•For vendors that do not have an on line catalog, you have to use traditional methods, but more and more vendors are going online... Ashley follows the 80/20 rule: 80% of their item purchases are with the effective and efficient suppliers with online capabilities.

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