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IMC-2018 Learning Session 41:28

by Adam Stredel, LUDECA

For millwrights doing an alignment is often difficult. The reasons range from being pressed for time, to lack of resources, or improper training. In this course we will discuss some of the obstacles they will encounter and how to tackle them. This will help bring awareness to provide the resources for the millwright to cross the finish line efficiently thus improving the maintainability and performance of the machines. We will touch on things like -

Before alignment: • Having no jack bolts • Working with a flimsy base • Lack of full shim kits • Running with pipe stress/inflexible conduit cables • Allotted time for alignment job • Lack of torque specifications • Thermal growth specification

During alignment: • Cupped washers • Broken bolts • Soft foot • Becoming bolt bound or bottomed out • Bent feet • Lack of or capability of alignment tool

Takeaways: • Proper alignment preparation and training • Providing a detailed map to precision alignment • Giving the millwright a chance to reach the finish line.

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