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Right 7 Maintain to Achieve Reliability: The 10 Rights of Asset Management

28:58 Video Duration

Learn about each of the 10 Rights of Asset Management on demand:

R1 Specify

R2 Design

R3 Source

R4 Build/Fabricate

R5 Install/Commission

R6 Operate

R7 Maintain

R8 Improve/Modify

R9 Dispose Decommission

R10 Manage

by Ramesh Gulati and Lynn Moran, Jacobs

Do your assets perform as designed or deliver the best value? Do you know the health of your assets or when they need to be replaced or modified? Do you know how much they costing you to operate and maintain? Do you have a process established to reduce the total cost of ownership?

This workshop is designed to guide you in establishing a practical and an effective Asset Management (AM) process which maximizes return on your assets and can meet ISO’s AM standard compliance requirements.

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