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Maintenance Technician 4.0: Leveraging Mobility to Enable Reliability and Asset Management (RAM)

Maintenance Technician 4.0: Leveraging Mobility to Enable Reliability and Asset Management (RAM)

IMC Presentation (30:04)

Noel Neuwrith, Skookum Contract Services

Field techs, with effective mobility, are critical in the quest for reliability and asset management (RAM) improvement. Reliability – With effective mobility, techs improve capacity by shedding waste-time, manual processes AND improve reliability by having “right data at right time” (e.g., asset history, specs, docs, sensor alerts).

Asset Management – With effective mobility, techs capture key data for downstream decisions (e.g., asset condition, needed repairs, failure info, detailed notes). This rich field data is then transformed into ‘actionable information,’ enabling RAM program objectives.

To succeed, many factors must align: business plan, sponsorship, right platform, tech collaboration, IT engagement. This brief outlines Skookum’s mobile program shaped by leading companies/partners and aligned with the Uptime Elements. This in-house effort evolved in four phases using practical, lower cost technology: Building a strong foundation - ROI-based business case, executive sponsorship, selecting objective aligned mobile platform, architecting for multi-site, collaborative leadership teams involving techs. E2E paperless work management - Incremental plan integrating techs, customers and vendors.ROI-based adds, e.g., auto-alerts, dashboards (BI), seamless client CMMS integration. Meet business goals: 10 percent wrench time gain, no manual reporting, repurposed back-office team. E2E paperless material management - Paperless tech PR process with integrated, Amazon-like searching across key vendors (eCatalog). ROI-based adds, e.g., auto-order PM material, spares, deeper vendor discounts.

Meet business goals: 5 percent wrench time gain, 5 percent additive discounts, increased buyer capacity. Extend mobility for RAM - Expand RAM data and access: QR tags, nameplate, specs, tiered inspections, electronic doc library, sensor/drone integration. Shape data to support RAM objectives via Maximo extensions and BI. Meet business goals: Improved tech decision-making, enable RAM objectives (turn rich field data into actionable info).

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