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MAS Monitor: Capturing and Acting upon Asset Telemetry

MaximoWorld Presentation 36:27 Minutes

by: John Todd, Total Resource Management

This presentation seeks to illuminate the use of features and functionality included in the IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS), Monitor element. With the release of Monitor, making the connection to real-time telemetry data from operational assets has become much easier. Whether the data is being captured to a local or cloud-based historian system or is being ingested in real-time, the Monitor element of MAS provides the tools needed. Additionally, the filtering and visualization of this incoming data can now be performed in a single knowledge system.

As incoming data and alerts are reviewed, decisions can be made and requests for service submitted to Manage (Maximo) instances. Examples of common asset telemetry and methods of visualization will be presented. Takeaways: Understand the scope of features and functions included in the MAS Monitor solution Understand the basics and requirements of connecting Monitor to a source of data locally or in the cloud Understand the methods to visualize and then take action upon the data within Monitor

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