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Modern Analysis: Prescriptive Analytics and Data Collaboration

Modern Analysis: Prescriptive Analytics and Data Collaboration

IMC Presentation (48:50)

Reuben Wunder, Emerson Automation Solutions

Most vibration analysts are operating at full capacity today. They are collecting their route data and analyzing this data month after month. Many of these reliability programs were established many years ago and the evolution of the programs over time have been slow, or maybe non-existent.

This presentation will challenge the normal thought process when it comes to a reliability program. It will encourage you to think outside of the box and not focus so much on the standard application of vibration analysis. Case studies will be presented that show how newer technology and products have been used to detect operational issues that are not the typical vibration related problems. Having an ability to integrate data into other systems, such as historians, allows the correlation of data to reveal these issues.

An added benefit is that the newer technology and products do not require the analyst to add more assets and data points to their route collection. This data is automatically collected and transmitted to the database via networked connections, allowing an analyst to review the incoming information and the integration of data to other systems.

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