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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Journey to Mobility for Maximo

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Journey to Mobility for Maximo

MaximoWorld Presentation (33:27)

by Tyler Troutman, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Sivakumar Sekar, EAM360 - Mobile App for Maximo

Maximo has been implemented and used by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) since the late ’90s; the system has been utilized mainly for Maintenance activities. In 2019 PNNL decided to transition from paper-based maintenance to mobile-based maintenance mode. They initiated a Maximo mobile project to partner with a mobile vendor to implement a solution. The key requirements the app was expected to fulfill included an intuitive UI and seamless user experience, supporting complex Maximo Workflows, automated offline mode, and certificate-based authentication.

Despite challenges with the global pandemic, the EAM360 mobile app was launched in 2021 for over 200 users in multiple states. The implementation of a fully integrated mobile solution helped to achieve the following key benefits:

  • Eliminate paper-based work order execution, thereby reducing the time required to capture the work completion
  • Real-time access to key contextual information to perform the work with few taps
  • Leverage pictures and videos to accurately capture the work completion for review
  • End-to-end workflow-driven assignments and actions, reducing process complexity for technicians & maintenance supervisors.
  • Continuity in adhering to strict security policies and authentication mechanisms on mobile apps similar to Maximo Web.
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