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Reliability Culture Implementation

IMC Presentation 39:59 Minutes

by Rey Marquez, Doe Run Company

This presentation introduces and outlines the implementation of Reliability Culture Implementation (RCI) at the Doe Run Company in Viburnum, Missouri. By using a disciplined approach to the everyday maintenance functions, a proactive strategy is being developed which “raises the bar“ to plant maintenance. Main objectives are the integration of operations and maintenance partnerships and transformation of maintenance practices from a reactive to proactive mode through a progressive reliability process. Paradigm changes include:

  • Establishing a reliability journey by implementing overall PM overhaul;
  • Increased management support of maintenance function;
  • Introduction of new indices and root cause analysis;
  • Updated training;
  • Definition of RCM components and establishing a reliability journey.

RCI is the vehicle being utilized to reach the higher level of equipment availability and utilization with the ultimate goal of maximizing production levels while keeping costs to a minimum.

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