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Saving Maximo through Reimplementation

MaximoWorld Presentation 26:44 Minutes

by Chad Mackedanz, Cambria and Mark Capaldi, Aquitas Solutions

What do you do when Maximo isn’t working for you? At what point does a reimplementation of Maximo become your best option?

This presentation will show how the Cambria team has reinvented their Maximo implementation through reimplementation. In this session, we will discuss:

  • How to identify a starting point based on functionality issues, customizations, data issues, and future use of Maximo
  • Understanding costs, justifying resources, and the benefits of reimplementing Maximo Specific use cases from Cambria
  • Establishing new processes and goals for your maintenance organization

Don’t let the idea of starting over scare you away from reimplementation. Watch this presentation and take the first step in taking control of your organization’s Maximo journey!


  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your Maximo implementation to meet your business needs and processes
  • How and when you make the decision for a reimplementation
  • What are the key benefits Identifying primary goals in short and long term that can be accomplished after completing reimplementation
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