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SDIPF Reliability Curve

Recorded live at the International Maintenance Conference, IMC.

Terrence O’Hanlon CEO & Publisher at presents the SDIPF Curve. In this 18 minute RAP talk, prepare to discover a new way of thinking about current paradigms.

Article: The Introduction of the SDIPF Safety Reliability Curve:

One of the challenges with Reliability is that it is disconnected in time and usually pays its significant dividends slowly over long periods of time. With management typically focused on short term projects and goals, it is easy for organizations to depreciate reliability and realize loss of consistent value generation from assets in a much more rapid fashion that it took to gain it.

The fallacy of "improving" reliability through maintenance has been chased for the past 40 years and like Sisyphus pushing his rock up the hill, a few dedicated teams of driven people make it to the top, but the rock inevitably rolls back down again within 2-3 years. The "best practice" maintenance send us to the "planned" domain where we develop systems to anticipate and deal with failures through efficient maintenance. The only problem is maintenance cannot influence all the causes of breakdowns. The "planned" domain is unstable and quickly becomes a "reactive-planned" domain with an almost unescapable gravitational pull.

The SDIPF Curve is a visualization that attempts to graphically "bend time" to the benefit of investing in and applying reliability efforts by showing a lifetime snapshot of the asset over time.

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