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The Future of Managing Mixed Workforces

The Future of Managing Mixed Workforces

MaximoWorld Presentation 28:03 Minutes

by Jeffrey Smith, InterPro Solutions

Many organizations today, especially in facilities management, don’t have as much control and awareness of service vendor activities as they do their own field staff. Here is what’s been missing:

  • Locked down alignment of expectations between the client and vendor;
  • Real-time client awareness of technician activities;
  • Seamless integration of all results into the client’s Maximo system.

Add to that the inability to easily measure and share meaningful vendor performance metrics and the picture becomes even clearer: organizations are not getting full value from their vendor partners and the field services they perform.

When it comes to managing field service vendors, there is no longer any reason to forego the same alignment of expectations, real-time awareness of work performance, and secure control of the data enjoyed whenever deploying your own internal workforce. There are integrated tools and deployment strategies that can be used to track vendor work activity and automate the secure sharing of data – in real-time – to Maximo, so organizations can manage field service vendors in much the same way they manage their own employees.

This presentation will highlight how organizations can rethink the challenges of managing mixed workforces, using mobile tools to clear away the clutter and bring the future into focus. Discover ways to “own and leverage” all of the critical data from your system of record, how to get everyone across your extended workforce on the same page with regard to expectation details, and how to guarantee they are all looking at the same scoreboard for results.


  1. Understanding your own mixed workforce relationships and opportunities
  2. Strategies for leveraging the contributions from your service vendor partners
  3. How to move from your current state to your desired future state
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