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The Rise in Military Aircraft Reliability with Maximo for Aviation

MW Presentation 21:14 Minutes

by Matt Boehne and Carlos Suarez, Banetti

It is no secret that modern aircrafts are incredibly complex where the risk of failure is measured in human life. Backups and fail safes are critical, but when a person is strapped into a flying aluminum can, nothing tops reliability. When Mexico’s equivalent to the U.S. Marine Corps decided that they had to modernize the support for their aircraft, they turned to the U.S. Army standard – Maximo for Aviation.

Join us for a look into why aircraft maintenance is so complex, how Maximo ensures airworthiness, and why aircraft operators worldwide find it to be the gold standard of today.


  • Why aircraft airworthiness is so incredibly complex
  • How Maximo manages the complexity or airworthiness
  • How the principles of reliability in aviation can help all industries
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