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TPM Is a Team Effort

IMC Presentation (33:28)

Michael Sexton, Corning Inc.

What is total productive maintenance (TPM) and why should we implement it within our company? TPM is a globally recognized method that builds and enables cross-functional teams to take ownership of an asset and work together to improve asset reliability and efficiency.

TPM breaks down the boundaries between the traditional roles of operations and maintenance by empowering operators to help maintain their equipment. The implementation of a TPM program creates a collaborative responsibility for equipment that encourages greater involvement by the operations team. In the right environment, this can be very effective in improving plant productivity and operational efficiency. TPM is built on the foundation of safety, team culture and an established lean program. The success of a TPM program is dependent on the culture of the production area and the support of the company’s leadership team.

Teams that take ownership and control of the process are more likely to succeed at implementing and sustaining. Ownership starts with the conversation of WHAT TPM is and continues with a collaborative team, consisting of operators, engineering, maintenance personnel and OEM’s to understand the WHY. Successful implementation will result in increased equipment reliability, equipment uptime and increased performance efficiency. Sustaining a TPM program is not a quick fix, it is a reliability journey.

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