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Turning Around the Unthinkable: A Case Study on the Bosch Line

Turning Around the Unthinkable: A Case Study on the Bosch Line

IMC Presentation (44:46)

Joe Anderson, ReliabilityX

The journey of achieving holistic reliability begins with taking small steps. One of our first steps was to gain control of our packaging process, which was identified as a key issue keeping us from being as profitable as we would like to be. We chose a pilot on our Bosch line.

We began by assessing what our major losses were and developed strategies for both operations and maintenance to implement to eliminate these losses and gain back control of our processes. This led to the redesign of the current configuration to help with product flow and the elimination of some minor stops and reject jams.

This resulted in a throughput increase of 5 percent, a reduction to zero breakdowns and a reduction in required labor, and an achieved OEE average of around 80 percent, up from 49 percent. Learn what we did to drive out these losses and make them sustainable.

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