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Watching Destructive Forces Instead of Chasing Impending Failures

IMC Presentation (48:53)

Andrey Kostyukov, DYNAMICS Scientific Production Center USA

It's well-known that the primary costs and losses in processing industries come from sudden failures of equipment. But, why is everyone looking for a digital solution for more precise failure forecasting?

For sustainable and reliable operation, it's necessary to provide operators with timely, unbiased information on how the operation mode affects the equipment's health before a failure when early diagnostics of defects allow people to eliminate future issues at its emergent stage. This presentation introduces proven cutting-edge technology of safe resource-saving operation and maintenance of machinery that creates value to every processing facility.

Nowadays, the solution is more affordable than ever, and allows almost any processing facilities running safely in the most cost-effective way. We will also cover a few case studies of safe and reliable machinery operation while monitoring in its real-time state.

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