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Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM) Workshop

Maintenance Leaders often find themselves in a position of responsibility without always having all the knowledge and skills required to successfully management the business of maintenance.

The Certified Maintenance Manager Workshop has an objective to complete the competencies required to create safe, sustainable and successful maintenance operations.

The Workshop is based on the three-book Strategic Maintenance Management Body of Knowledge, the same body of knowledge used by the Association of Asset Management Professionals that forms the basis for the Certified Maintenance Management [CMM] professional exam.

The Strategic Maintenance Management Workshop includes three focused sections:

Although one of the breakthrough concepts of the Uptime Elements and Certified Reliability Leader is that “you cannot maintain your way to reliability,” the system also acknowledges that you must work constantly to improve and perfect maintenance management.

Without effective and efficient maintenance management, an organization will not be able to execute reliability strategy, resulting in driving costs much higher than needed. And worse yet, it will create safety and environmental hazards, as well as a larger carbon footprint than is their right to do through wasted resources.

There is no other work as comprehensive or deep as this one that is focused and aimed at maintenance management. We highly recommend that you start to read the body of knowledge as soon as possible so you can begin your journey to strategic maintenance management.

Meet the Trainer

Michael Meehan stands out as a dynamic and forward-thinking professional in Maintenance, Reliability, and Technical Services. With a rich background that spans across various industries, including HVAC Service, Solar Manufacturing, Medical Specialty Packaging, and Steel Processing, Michael has cultivated a multifaceted skill set. His journey from an individual contributor in Field Service to a Manager and then a Reliability Engineer reflects his commitment to continuous professional development. Michael’s primary ambition is to expand his expertise into general management areas, with an eye towards shaping a progressive future in his field.

Key Attributes:

  • Empathetic Leadership: Michael is renowned for his ability to listen attentively, coach with seasoned expertise, and mentor with empathy. His leadership style is grounded in understanding and nurturing the potential of his team.
  • Management Excellence: He excels as a manager of managers, demonstrating an exceptional ability to guide and develop leadership in others. This attribute has been pivotal in creating high-performance teams under his guidance.
  • Strategic Delegation: Michael believes in empowering his team, striking a balance between being readily available for support and encouraging independence through early and frequent delegation.
  • Development Catalyst: His contribution goes beyond routine management; he actively engages in the personal and professional development of his direct reports, fostering an environment where growth and success are mutual goals.
  • Teamwork Advocate: Michael’s approach to teamwork is both strategic and heartfelt. He promotes collaboration, ensuring that every team member feels valued and is driven towards common objectives.
  • Respected Peer: His standing among peers is a testament to his professional acumen and interpersonal skills. Michael is not just a leader within his team but also a respected figure in the wider professional community.

Professional Vision:

Michael Meehan’s career trajectory is defined by an unwavering commitment to expanding his horizons. His goal is to delve deeper into general management, applying his vast experience in maintenance and reliability to broader administrative and strategic roles. This move is aimed not just at personal growth, but at reshaping industry practices and contributing to the creation of sustainable, reliable, and successful workplaces.

In every role, Michael has demonstrated an innate ability to exceed expectations, filling in the gaps between conceptual goals and practical achievements with innovation and diligence. He is a catalyst for positive change, driving both his own growth and the advancement of those around him. Michael’s career is a beacon for aspiring professionals in the field, illustrating the impact of dedicated leadership combined with technical expertise.

Registration Includes

As part of your registration fee*, you will receive free access to the Reliabilityweb Workshop Study System (WSS) which is available anytime, anywhere. The WSS houses the workshop video material related to the Certified Reliability Leader (CRL), Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM), and the Lubrication Leader Badge (LLB) programs. After completing the WSS, you will have a solid foundation for going into the workshop and badging/certification process. * Exam requires a separate registration

Included with your Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) and Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM) workshops will be a demonstration of the UE GPS Assessment. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to schedule a facilitated assessment for your facility. Discover where you are on your Reliability Journey, and how you can advance! Our high-level UE GPS Assessment is powered by the same Asset Analytix engines that are built into RAM-GPS. Benchmark your current performance, while developing the foundation for future assessment and data driven decision- making.

Required Material

The complete SMM Body of Knowledge book set is required material for the workshop (must be purchased separately). This set of books, along with all notes written on the actual pages of the books, is allowed to be referenced during the exam. In fact, they are the only thing allowed to be referenced.

You will want to devote some time each day to reading a few sections of the books.


The Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMP) has developed the Certified Maintenance Manager™ (CMM) exam based on the Strategic Maintenance Management Series, with its foundation built on the Uptime® Elements and its reliability leadership system.

The exam is designed to validate the competencies of a maintenance leader. These competencies include focusing on maintenance fundamentals, innovative reliability and management practices, and the knowledge required to optimize asset value through the use of strategies, processes, enablers and business needs of maintenance management.

The fee for the Certified Maintenance Manager exam is $299 USD, payable to AMP. The certification exam is a 2-hour timed, virtually proctored exam with 125 multiple choice questions.

* Exam requires a separate registration.

The Exam is also offered ONLINE. Various dates are available.

Upcoming CMM workshops

  • Omaha (In person) · March 12-15, 2024. click here
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