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Introduction to Uptime Elements Academy

Introduction to Uptime Elements Academy
(narrator) Hi and welcome to a short demonstration of Uptime Elements Academy, an online learning management system to prepare you to have a better understanding of the Uptime Elements Reliability Framework for Asset Performance and the Certified Reliability Leader exam as offered by the Association of Asset Management Professionals. Here you'll notice that we're logged into the home screen and being welcomed where we can choose courses. So we'll to move the mouse down to My Courses. Give it a click. And you'll notice that we're presented with the curriculum both in English and in Spanish. So simply choose the language of your choice. In this case, we'll choose English and launch Uptime Elements Academy. So if you notice when you first login the Reliability Leadership Travel Guide is the only option that's available to you. That is because it's a required starting point for everybody. So if we launch, you'll notice that the travel guide's available in PDF. We click, and now we're presented with the e-book online, and we could certainly just scroll down, pass the acknowledgements to the table of contents, to the introduction and begin reading the e-book online. And again this e-book can be read on a smartphone. It can be read on a tablet as well. So that's the starting point. And we'll close as if we've completed the e-book. And if you notice now you're being presented with "Click here for the next steps in the Uptime Elements Academy." Now that we've completed the Reliability Leadership Travel Guide we're presented with the first module, or the first element, which is Criticality Analysis. And if you'll notice you have three choices, three formats that you can learn. And you can use any individual format. You can use any combination of two formats. Or you can use any combination of three formats. There's an e-book, the PDF, just like the Reliability Leadership Travel Guide, there's a professionally recorded audio version that you can listen to while you're walking, or exercising, or just sitting at the office. There's also a video version. In fact, that's what we'll launch now to show you. And we've got the criticality analysis video here. Press the Play button. This is the Criticality Analysis element of the CRL framework. (narrator) You'll notice that about each video and each audio is less than 10 minutes. So you can do these lessons when you're on a break or when you've got a few minutes to spare. And once you complete the video, once you complete the audio, once you complete the PDF you see you are always presented with the next step in Uptime Elements Academy. So once we click that we are brought back to the curriculum page and if we wanted to-- and so here is a version of the e-book. So we can scroll through and read online. And again we'll close that and click Next to the Uptime Academy, next step. And now when we scroll down, you'll notice that we're presented with an assessment, or a criticality analysis quiz. We'll need to complete this quiz at an 80% level before we can move to Reliability Center Maintenance which you'll notice is grayed out. And this will give us an opportunity to ensure we got the lessons that are important to get from criticality analysis. If not, we can certainly close it and go back and re-watch the video or listen to the audio or re-read the PDF and get the lessons that we need. So let's launch that quiz, to give you an idea. You must pass this quiz by getting three out of five correct before moving to the next lesson. If you notice criticality analysis allows an organization to identify equipment for condition monitoring, identify the most significant task rank assets by operating costs. We'll submit the response, and we did a great job, we got it. Criticality analysis allows an organization to identify the most significant risks, and then you proceed to the other questions. There's four out of five questions remaining. So I'm going to close that for now. And that's basically how it works. We'll go back to the home page now. And we'll start scrolling down. And you'll notice, because I didn't complete the criticality analysis quiz, these modules are grayed out. But next you'll do Reliability Centered Maintenance then you proceed through Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and take the quiz. PM Optimization and take the quiz. Root Cause Analysis and take the quiz. Reliability Engineering and take the quiz. And then Capital Projects and take the quiz. And then you can move on to the Asset Condition Management, the Work Execution Management, Leadership for Reliability. And that's the way that this is organized. If you went through all the curriculum, and watched every video, you would have about eight hours into the full course. Whether if you're a faster reader, you might be able to do it faster by sticking with the e-books. The same if you listen to the audio. There's just about eight hours worth of audio content in the course. And again, they're divided into usually less than 10 minute lessons so they're pretty easy to absorb on a break or when you have some spare time on your hands. We like to see you do it at a pace of about one a day and pace yourself out. And it's really great if you would read the e-book, listen to the audio, and watch the video. Each one although the content is synchronized gives you learning in a different way. As humans we receive knowledge in different ways. Some people prefer reading, other people prefer listening, and some people prefer watching. We find when you do all three it really solidifies the lessons that are available through Uptime Elements. So we hope that you find that this is a great resource for you, because you can log in anywhere in the world. You can log in from your desktop. You can log in from your laptop. You can log in from your tablet or you can log in from your smartphone and complete lessons at your convenience. We hope that you'll be sitting for the Certified Reliability Leader exam and help us with our goal of creating 1,000 Reliability Leaders who could begin to change the world in a much better way, and if you have any questions, call us at 239-333-2500. Thank you very much.
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