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New Ultrasonic Leak Detector For Energy Conservation

New Ultrasonic Leak Detector For Energy Conservation

EXAIR’s Ultrasonic Leak Detector (ULD), a hand-held instrument engineered to help locate thesource of costly leaks in a compressed air system, has received an upgrade in look and function. Up to 30% of the compressed air generated in industrial plants is wasted through leaks that go undetected. TheEXAIR ULD can play a major role to identify and pinpoint these costly leaks, allowing quick repair andcost savings. Testing the various unions, pipes, valves and fittings of a complete installation can be donequickly and effectively at distances up to 20' (6.1m) away.

High pressure gases create high frequency turbulence when moving into an area with lowerpressure, creating an ultrasonic or “white noise” sound that is beyond the range of human hearing. TheULD can detect these vibrations, creating an audible sound through supplied headphones as well asindicating intensity via front-facing LED display as it moves closer to the leak origin. The ULD can beadjusted to filter out background noise in busier plants with “+” or “-“ buttons for fine-tuning sensitivity.This new model offers a heightened ability to detect leaks in hard-to-reach areas while also complyingwith the IEC 61326-1 standard that designates its ability to operate in typical electromagneticenvironments often found in industrial plants.

The Model 9207 Ultrasonic Leak Detector is CE compliant and comes complete with a hard-shellplastic case, headphones, parabola, tubular adaptor, tubular extension and AA batteries. Priced at $795.

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