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$38.6M to Wyle to Support U.S. DoD’s Reliability Information Analysis Center

The center is the technical focal point for information, data, analysis, training, and technical assistance in the engineering fields of reliability, maintainability, quality, supportability, and interoperability (RMQSI) for Department of Defense (DoD) military and support systems. The 55th Contracting Squadron, Offutt Air Force Base, manages the contract.

DID has more on Wyle contract and the work of the RIAC…

Wyle will supply scientific and technical analysis to the RIAC for the design, development, testing, evaluation, operations, and maintenance of DoD systems, as well as develop methods for the collection, analysis, and distribution of RMQSI information within the U.S. government to authorized customers. The RIAC undertakes research on a wide-range of U.S. military systems. Examples can be found in this 2007 report [PDF] on the Wyle contract.

Wyle is the prime contractor under the RIAC contract; subcontractors include:

* Quanterion Solutions, a major subcontractor performing most of the RIAC day-to-day core functions;

* The University of Maryland Center for Reliability Engineering, a university research center focusing on systems and human reliability along with component packaging research at the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering Center.

* The Penn State University Applied Research Lab, an applied research organization focusing on mechanical reliability, conditioned based maintenance, prognostics, and total asset management.

* The State University of New York Institute of Technology, which hosts the new RIAC facility and is providing IT and knowledge management capability to the Center as well as serving as a gateway to other reliability-related resources among the 64 campus SUNY system.

The RIAC is one of 13 DoD Information Analysis Centers (IAC) sponsored by the DTIC. Each IAC is a formal organization chartered to collect, analyze, and apply scientific and technical information within a specialized technical area (see for a complete list of all IACs).

Services provided by the RIAC include:

* Open registration and on-site training courses focusing on RMQSI-related subject areas;

* Special research and problem solving studies for both military and commercial customers;

* Data collection and analysis;

* RIAC products such as guidance publications, software tools, and databases;

* Technical inquiry service with answers provided by RMQSI experts.

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