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3DSignals Emerges Out of Stealth with Two International Customers

MacSteel International and Enel Green Power adopt sound-based technology to monitor and predict industrial machine failure


3DSignals, the leader in sound-based predictive maintenance systems, today emerged out of stealth with two major customers including MacSteel International, one of the largest international steel conglomerates engaging in worldwide trading and processing of steels and metals; and Enel Green Power, an Italian multinational renewable-energy corporation and subsidiary of the power generation firm Enel.

3DSignals developed and offers a patent-pending hardware and software system that allows industrial machine engineers and technicians to listen to their machines with ultrasonic sensors, anticipate problems with real-time alerts, and reduce unplanned downtime with predictive analytics. 3DSignals is emerging out of stealth following the company’s recent $3 million seed round led by Grove Ventures.

“The initial results we saw with our pilot customers were very promising, and as the deep learning aspect of the platform does its work, the data and insights will become even more refined and powerful over time. As the IIoT market continues to grow, we see great opportunity for our technology and new global clients to tap into the power of sound-based technology to improve operations and avert costly machine breakdowns,” said Amnon Shenfeld, CEO of 3DSignals.

Both MacSteel International and Enel Green Power have adopted 3DSignals’ platform for its tried-and-tested potential to reduce human operating errors, extend the lifespan of perishable parts, reduce broken parts, and increase average production output.

“Predictive maintenance powered by the Internet of Things has allowed humans to reconnect with industrial machines one-to-one at scale, and 3DSignals is at the forefront of the technology enabling this fundamental shift,” said Kobi Kedar, Chief Engineer, Iskoor Metals and Steel, Israel’s largest metal and steel service and processing centers and part of the MacSteel International Group. “3DSignals is a catalyst for us to move from preventative maintenance in our steel plants and actually be able to predict and understand in real time when something is wrong with a saw blade or other equipment. The results so far have been impressive, and this technology will give us a competitive advantage as our operations become more efficient and cost effective over time.”

“It’s the first time we’re testing a technology that allows us to use acoustics to simultaneously monitor the condition of every turbine and generator and access this information from any location,” said Gianluca Gigliucci of Enel Green Power's Innovation Unit. “New technologies like 3DSignals have the potential to help us stay steps ahead of equipment problems before they become critical, saving us valuable time, money, and manpower. The 3DSignals team has been quick and flexible from initial contact to field installation, and we look forward to getting first testing results to quantify the actual benefits we can achieve in day-to-day activity.”

3DSignals’ system includes ultrasonic sensors that detect anomalies in the sound that machines make when running optimally. The platform’s deep learning and predictive analytics software processes these sound signals and aggregates the data, allowing users to receive real-time alerts and access reports 24/7 on a desktop or mobile device from any remote location. 3DSignals specially developed the sensors for harsh industrial environments and uses highly directional microphones to filter out ambient noise. The system, which was designed with the highest security standards can be deployed in minutes and requires only a power supply and network connection. The sensors can connect via wired ethernet or wireless LTE cellular networks, and the software and data can be hosted on either a public or private cloud.

3DSignals’ platform can be applied to a wide range of industrial and manufacturing plant equipment such as production line machinery, cutting equipment, electricity generators and turbines and other machines such as hydraulics, motors, compressors, robotics, bearings, and gearboxes. For more information about how you can benefit from 3DSignals, visit

Building on its leadership position in sound-based predictive maintenance, 3DSignals will speak at the International Maintenance Conference (IMC) taking place December 12 - 16 in Bonita Springs, Florida. 3DSignals will present on Wednesday, December 14 at 9:00 am EST and cover how airborne acoustic sensors coupled with deep learning is disrupting the traditional world of contact-based sensor technology in predictive maintenance. 3DSignals is also exhibiting at table top 6 in the MaximoWorld Tent. Visit here for a for a full conference overview and agenda.

About 3DSignals
Founded in 2015, 3DSignals, pioneered the application of sound-based predictive maintenance for industrial and manufacturing equipment. Using the company’s proprietary hardware and software system, 3DSignals customers can listen to their machines with ultrasonic sensors, anticipate problems with real-time alerts, and reduce unplanned downtime with predictive analytics. The company is headquartered in Kfar Sava, Israel. For more information, visit

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