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Veros Systems and Vesta Partners Announce Partnership

“We are excited to work with Vesta Partners,” said Veros Systems’ CEO, Allan Wilson. “Vesta’s extensive expertise with SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) combined with Veros Software will address a critical issue within our industry. Together we will provide real time accurate and actionable knowledge of what is actually happening inside mission critical electrically driven assets. This solution will provide early warning on problems developing in assets that impact reliability and energy sustainability, which will allow customers to be proactive and ensure continued operations at optimum capacity.

Improved management of physical assets has been cited as the single largest business improvement opportunity in the 21st century. Keeping equipment running at peak efficiency with little interruption is a constant challenge. Both companies are SAP certified partners, which enables their unique ability to implement a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and Reliability strategy across all asset classes. This solution is built upon a fully integrated real time asset monitoring and enterprise - wide maintenance execution. As a first step, the Veros and Vesta collaboration will address a critical issue by building an interface between Veros Software and SAP using Vesta’s extensive development and application experience.

This interface is a key component of establishing a comprehensive and holistic Maintenance & Reliability solution where the breadth of SAP tools extending beyond the core modules (including HANA for enterprise predictive analytics, Syclo for mobility in field maintenance operations, and Ariba for spare parts sourcing), provides companies with even more capability to drive real performance improvement.

“We think the Veros Software extends the capabilities of SAP in a way that provides a very attractive opportunity for our customers to do more to protect their investment in critical operating assets,” stated Mike Maiolo, CEO of Vesta. “We are very enthusiastic about the collective capabilities of Veros, SAP and Vesta.”

About Veros Systems Veros Systems provides an intelligent, web-­-enabled, software solution that continuously monitors and autonomously assesses electric machines to detect developing problems. The software displays early warning of any developing faults or anomalies that could cause sudden machine failures or changes in operating efficiency. It achieves this by continuously analyzing electrical waveforms for evidence of electromechanical faults and inefficiencies. Resulting clear and actionable intelligence allows customers enough time to implement corrective action, avoid costly repairs, and reduce unexpected downtime.

For more information, please visit or contact: Paul Hamel at or +1.979.764.6600

About Vesta Partners Vesta Partners is a professional services company with deep domain expertise in Enterprise Asset Management. As a SAP Services Partner and SAP Select Consulting Partner, our approach combines industry best practices with practical technology solutions that provide our customers with a competitive edge. With offices located in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia AsiaPac, we help our customers shift their maintenance and asset management operations from a necessary cost center to an enterprise improvement platform.

For more information, please visit or contact: Andy Bellagamba at or +1.203.517.0400

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