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AAC Announces AC & DC Current Transducers for Rail and Light Rapid Transit System Monitoring

With nearly 60 years of field-proven experience gained across hundreds of successful field installations, AAC current transducers help rail and locomotive OEMs and their associated design and test engineering personnel to meet stringent EN50155, EN50121 and MIL-STD-202 standards.  Each product is built to precise EN and MIL standards, as well as fully tested for temperature performance prior to their shipment. Typical applications include:

Locomotive and rail traction motor power systems management - Each railway wheel assembly incorporates the use of a traction motor for both locomotion and braking. Whether a diesel engine is used to generate onboard electricity, or a train is drawing its electricity requirements from a third (conductor) rail or overhead cable conductor, all electric trains must ultimately power the traction motors of each railway car.  AAC’s AC and DC current transducers provide critical power systems management by monitoring the electric current and ground fault voltages utilized by these traction motors, while further detecting potential areas in which power losses might be occurring within the overall system.

Train event recorders (rail black box systems) - Known also as on-train monitoring recorders or event recorder systems, these mandatory onboard devices record real-time train operational and performance data gleaned from onboard electronics and control systems, operating much like the “black box” data recording of commercial aircraft. AAC current transducers have been used extensively to monitor the DC current feed to a railway system’s black box, within light rapid transit, high-speed rail and heavy locomotive applications, providing required EMI protection as per EN 50155 and EN50121 standards, as well as MIL-STD-202, to ensure the uninterrupted recording of onboard systems data for maximum safety.

Rolling stock car electronic equipment monitoring – The onboard electronic equipment of rolling stock cars is highly susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI), whether caused by interference by and between other onboard electronic systems; adverse or extreme weather or environmental conditions; or by certain external conditions of the railway itself.  All of these factors can have an adverse effect on railway communications signaling equipment, and ultimately safety and performance. AAC current transducers provide effective EMI protection of stock car electronic equipment, helping to prevent against premature electronic equipment failure. AAC products are used to monitor the AC current levels of new regenerative braking systems under development within new rail designs, helping them to ensure lower power consumption and ultimately reduce emissions. Design of AAC transducers used within these applications incorporate the use of a removable yoke, allowing for retro-fits or non-destructive installation, as set forth in the EN 50155 standards. The yoke itself clamps around existing conductors, and thus does not require the conductors to be disconnected or rerouted via the transducer, for optimum safety and performance.

For more information about these and other rail product line offerings from AAC, please visit

About American Aerospace Controls (AAC):

Established in 1965, the New York-based AAC is an AS9100C and ISO9001 certified manufacturer of standard and custom electrical transducers for high-reliability defense, aerospace, spacecraft,  automotive, light rapid transit (LRT), rail, helicopter, and industrial requirements. AAC’s stringent product development and testing protocols meet EN50121.3.2, RTCA/DO-160 and other globally recognized and customer specified standards for quality and performance. The company’s extensive in-house engineering expertise has supported dozens of commercial flight programs since its founding. AAC is also a privately-held, 100% woman-owned small business.

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